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41 Running and Track Slogans and Sayings

Posted By Kate Degen

Running and track slogans & sayings

As a runner, there are plenty of inspirational quotes and sayings out there to motivate you. We’ve collected some of the best ones, which you can add to custom t-shirts or use to inspire your team.

They’re perfect for the front or the back of running team t-shirts, marathon group t-shirts, or even face masks. So check ’em out before the competition steals yours!

Running Slogans & Sayings

    Don’t pass me…I’m not in your age group

    My name isn’t Forrest

    Running: It’s cheaper than therapy

    Run to live. Live to run.

    Pain is nothing compared to what it feels like to quit

    Death before DNF

    Sorry, I’ve got to run

    Carbs for life

    BACK OF SHIRT: Thanks—I’ve never passed anyone before

    This seemed like such a good idea three weeks ago

    Everyday I’m hustlin’

    Let’s go yogging

    We run this mother

    Training to run not running to train

    Will run for tacos

    Let’s make a run for it

    Run hard or walk home

    Running’s my favorite

Track Quotes

    Lead the pack! Run track!

    Don’t just chase your dreams. Run them down!

    Why is everyone chasing me?

    400m is the new 100m

    Don’t let anybody tell you you can’t just because they can’t

    If we played tag, you’d be it forever

    We don’t need wings to fly

    Baby got track!

    I can handle any hurdle

    I’ve got a track record

    There’s no time outs in track

Cross Country Sayings

    Cross country: our sport is your sport’s punishment

    Anyone can run 100 meters. It’s the next 2900, 3900, or 4900 that count!

    Finally, a good use for golf courses

    XC: it’s one hill of a sport

    Mud, sweat, & tears

    Only a runner doesn’t laugh at the word “fartlek”

    May the course be with you

    No half times. No time outs. No substitutions. XX: the only true sport.

    If you can read this, we’re just warming up

    The faster you run, the quicker you’re done

    Comrades in sweat

    Real athletes run miles, not yards

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