7 Top Crowdfunding Websites for Nonprofits

A crowdfunding campaign is an essential tool in a nonprofit’s online fundraising arsenal. Crowdfunding can be a successful fundraiser on its own or paired with an event to build even more momentum and excitement.

If you’re looking for a website to host your crowdfunding campaign, you’ve probably encountered the multitude of crowdfunding sites that cater to all different kinds of projects, and some aren’t always ideal for organizations or charitable causes. 

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of crowdfunding websites that your nonprofit can use. You’ll find that these crowdfunding sites have features that work particularly well for nonprofits and schools trying to reach their goals.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get right into the websites!

Sell t-shirts and raise funds with Booster, a crowdfunding website for nonprofits.

1. Booster

The Basics:

Booster is a crowdfunding platform with a twist: you can sell custom designed t-shirts.

Donors can purchase a t-shirt and make additional donations if they wish. With the added incentive of receiving a shirt, donors will be more persuaded to give. Plus, when supporters wear your shirt, they’ll be promoting your campaign to everyone who sees them.

Booster campaigns are often paired with an event (like a walkathon, marathon, or cycling event) where supporters can wear their shirts and celebrate the success of your campaign. 

Why We Love It:

With Booster, nonprofits don’t have to worry about managing inventory. Booster handles the printing and distribution of the shirts — all you have to do is create your designs. Plus, you’ll only pay for merchandise you need, which means there’s no risk of leftover stock.

Booster provides quality t-shirts (in up to 5 designs per campaign) and user-friendly fundraising pages that help set nonprofits up for success.


While nonprofits can create a campaign for free, Booster deducts the printing and operating costs from each t-shirt and charges a 2.9% processing fee for additional donations.

Bonus: Start a Booster campaign today!


Check out Fundly's website to learn more about crowdfunding for nonprofits.



Fundraise with Fundly's crowdfunding website for nonprofits and individuals.

2. Fundly

The Basics:

Both nonprofits and individuals can raise money for nearly any cause, event, or project with Fundly. The platform is incredibly easy to use for campaign creators and supporters.

Along with a visual fundraising thermometer that tracks your campaign’s progress, each page includes large social sharing buttons to encourage supporters to spread the word. 

All of Fundly’s fundraising pages are mobile friendly, making it easy (and convenient!) for donors to read your story and make a contribution from any device.

Why We Love It:

The Fundly team believes that every campaign should be a winner. That’s why they use the “keep-it-all” approach. Even if you don’t reach your goal, you get to keep all the funds you’ve raised.

Nonprofits also have the option to include rewards in their campaigns. Supporters can receive incentives like branded merchandise or tickets to a nonprofit’s event based on their gift size.

Perhaps your nonprofit is new to crowdfunding. Don’t worry! Fundly has a blog chock-full of fundraising resources to help you.


Fundly charges a 4.9% platform fee to use their crowdfunding service and 2.9% + $.30 per transaction for payment processing.


Learn more about Fundly's crowdfunding website or start campaign today!



Razoo is a crowdfunding website where nonprofits can build a community.

3. Razoo

The Basics:

Razoo was created to give organizations a voice and a platform where they can seek funds.

The campaigns on Razoo have raised over $500 million dollars (and plenty of awareness) for a wide range of causes. 

Nonprofits can build a customized profile to raise money and connect with their communities. Razoo’s goal is to help you build an online community by showcasing those who have already supported your campaign and displaying your progress with a fundraising thermometer.

Why We Love It:

Razoo has an easy-to-use platform that includes a few unique features to help nonprofits raise funds.

For instance, supporters have the option to tip campaign creators for their effort, which can be put right back into your cause. If you’re looking for a way to show supporters how the funds will be used, Razoo has a pie chart tool that breaks down the areas that the money will go toward. 


Razoo will only collect 4% of your nonprofit’s donations, and to process payments, they charge a fee of 2.9% +$.30 for credit card payments.


Razoo is a crowdfunding website for nonprofits and individuals.


If your nonprofit has a creative project that needs funding, Indiegogo is the crowdfunding website for you.

4. Indiegogo

The Basics:

Nonprofits looking to launch creative projects should try Indiegogo.

Since the platform focuses on artistic projects, it won’t work for every organization. That’s why the Indiegogo team created a website dedicated to socially minded fundraising called Generosity.

Your organization can create a campaign on either platform as they’re both easy-to-use, and setting up a campaign only takes minutes.

Both sites integrate with your social media accounts so you can set up automated posts promoting your campaign.

Why We Love It:

When you create a campaign, you’ll have the support of the customer happiness agents — a team of professionals with years of fundraising experience.


To create a campaign on Indiegogo, you’ll have to pay a 5% platform fee and a 3% transaction fee per donation.

Nonprofits will have better luck fundraising on Generosity, a free platform. Nonprofits will be charged a payment processing fee of 3% +$.30 for every donation.


Learn more about the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform on their website.


Crowdfunding websites for nonprofits like USEED build page that's completely customized.


The Basics:

USEED creates crowdfunding pages specifically for students and faculty looking to raise money for their schools.

While USEED’s crowdfunding website isn’t specifically targeted to nonprofits, students or faculty can create campaigns to help fund different school-related causes.

The beautifully designed pages are optimized to give the donor the best experience with pages that centralize around your cause and narrative.

Why We Love It:

If you’re looking for a crowdfunding platform that will design a custom page for you, then USEED is a good option. Their team works hard to assess your project’s needs and develop a page that matches your brand.


To learn more about costs, you can request more information on the USEED website.

Check out USEED's website to learn more information about their crowdfunding services.



Scalefunder is a crowdfunding website for nonprofits and schools.

6. ScaleFunder

The Basics:

ScaleFunder has two different fundraising features: their crowdfunding module and giving day module. Nonprofits can use the crowdfunding module to set up multiple campaigns. With the giving day module, you can set up a day-long fundraising campaign.

ScaleFunder has helped over 100 nonprofits (and universities) fund over 1,000 different projects, and the team is constantly looking to improve their technology so organizations can raise more.

Why We Love It:

ScaleFunder isn’t just a crowdfunding website, but a full fundraising ecosystem that helps nonprofits raise money year-round. Both their crowdfunding and event-based giving day module work together to help your nonprofit raise awareness and funds. 


Visit the ScaleFunder website and complete the contact form to receive more information about pricing.


Check out the ScaleFunder website to learn more about their crowdfunding services.



Tiltify combines gaming and fundraising into a viral crowdfunding platform.

7. Tiltify

The Basics:

Tiltify combines crowdfunding with the intensely popular pastime — video games. The platform has a similar approach to peer-to-peer fundraising: celebrities, athletes, and gamers can live stream themselves playing video games to raise money on behalf of their favorite charities.

Your nonprofit can create a profile on the Tiltify site, and “tilters,” or people who play games for social good, can create a campaign for the nonprofit they’d like to support. Anyone (gamers and viewers) can donate and watch the videos.

Why We Love It:

It’s incredibly easy for your nonprofit to set up an account. All you have to do is describe your cause, set a time frame for your fundraiser, and make a goal. Your nonprofit’s progress is displayed on your profile along with all the campaigns supporting your cause.

The gamers and online celebrities that create campaigns in support of your cause encourage their dedicated fan bases to contribute, which will raise even more awareness for your cause and bring in new donors. 


Nonprofits will pay a 5% service fee that goes towards improving the site. Depending on which third-party payment processor you choose (First Giving or PayPal), you’ll also pay their payment processing fee.


Learn more about the Tiltify crowdfunding website.


Now that you have a few options of crowdfunding websites that work for nonprofits, you’re ready to start your own campaign.

Consider the features that you need as well as the price before you make your final decision.

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Now that you've read these fundraising event resources, get started with our t-shirt fundraiser!

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