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Inspiring ALS Walk Team Names for Team T-shirts

ALS Walk Team Names PhotoCan’t come up with your own team name for the Walk to Defeat ALS or an upcoming ALS walk/run to honor a loved one affected by the disease? We’ve got you covered. Check out our list of creative and inspiring team names below, which we compiled from past customers and several we came up with on our own. And feel free to add them to ALS T-shirts created in our online design lab or use our t-shirt fundraising platform Booster to raise money for your team by selling tees.

Creative and Inspirational ALS Walk Team Names

    Foot Soldiers

    All in for ALS

    We Won’t Back Down


    The Icebucket Hikers

    Dare to Dream

    The “A” Team

    PALS 4 Life

    Rays of Hope

    A Walk to Remember

    Making Strides

    Ice Ice Baby

    Awesome Walkers

    Just Beat It

    Holdin’ On

    Ain’t Done Yet

    ALS Crushers

    Can’t Stop Walking, Won’t Stop Fighting

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