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Ink of the Week Winner

Pueblo Picklers

“The Pueblo Picklers” win this week’s Ink of the Week contest!

“Our song: ‘Pickle, Pickle, Pickle, Pickle we will play—- Pickle, Pickle, Pickle on such a sunny day.’ In Apache Junction, Arizona, there are many sunny days. The Pueblo Picklers are approximately 50 retirees enjoying life and pickleball. The new t-shirts from CustomInk are the latest bonding technique for our group. We thank your friendly website, your customer service enhancement with real people (Ana Sanchez and others), and all the Inkers and shippers. Good work! For those unfamiliar with the sport, it is the fastest growing in the nation as Boomers and others strive to save their knees but still have a fun-filled court experience. Check it out at Thanks, Guys!”

Visit the contest and vote for your favorite.

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