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Funny and Creative Trombone Section Sayings for T-shirts

Trombone T-Shirt Saying PhotoNeed a creative slogan or saying for your band’s trombone section? Well, put the trombone down and check ours out! Here at CustomInk, we’ve put together a list of funny and clever sayings for all types of band sections, including (you guessed it) the trombone. They’re perfect to add to one of our band t-shirt templates or stick on custom sweatshirts for you and your fellow trombone mates.

Creative Trombone Section Slogans and Sayings

    Who needs valves, when you can slide!

    Never look at the trombone. It only encourages them.
    -Richard Wagner

    Low brass for life.

    Pump up the bass!

    The trombone’s connected to the… Uh… Nevermind.

    Slide to play.

    Bad to the bone.

    Mine’s longer.

    Weapons of brass destruction.

    Everything else is just accompaniment.

    All about that bass… No treble.

    We’re a skeleton crew… Just a bunch of ‘bones.

    The band’s with us.

    Keep calm and TROMBONE.

    There’s two types of slides in this world. Know the difference.

    We kick brass!

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  • unknown

    trombones can do it in seven positions

  • Kimi

    The only type of bone your dog is not allowed to have is your trombone.

  • Bill Fransis

    you only know your a master at the trombone when you reach the 8th position on a trombone and the slide falls out and goes though the window 🪟😱

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