Top 5 Fundraisers for Fall School Fundraising

Just in time for fall fundraising season, we’ve put together an educational graphic that details 5 different types of fundraisers designed with schools in mind.

The fundraising types include:

  1. Custom Clothing Sales
  2. Product Drives
  3. School Day Fundraising Activities
  4. After School Events
  5. Parent-Targeted Events

So, scroll down and learn about the various ways your school can raise more money this fall.

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Here’s what the graphic has to say:

When it comes to school fundraising, the options are endless! Looking to narrow the list? Below you’ll find 5 top fundraising ideas to help you ace your efforts this fall. 

School Fundraiser #1: Custom Clothing Sales

Raise school spirit and funds by selling t-shirts, baseball caps, and other clothing items to your eager supporters to reach your fundraising goals in no time.

Examples: T-shirts, baseball caps, sunglasses

How it works: Partner with a company (Booster for T-shirts, for example) that provides custom clothing and the platform to customize and sell your apparel, create a design that’s sure to attract buyers, and promote, promote, promote.

School Fundraiser #2: Product Drives

By getting the whole school to join forces and collect one type of item, from gently-used clothing to aluminum cans, you’ll raise money and instill team spirit.

Examples: Clothing and shoes, cell phones, bottles and cans

How it works: Decide the type of item you’ll collect, find a local company that will pay your school for what you gather, get the word out about your fundraiser, and watch the items roll in via collections bins throughout the school.

School Fundraiser #3: School Day Fundraising Activities

Planning a fundraiser during the school day is a win-win, because you’ll have an automatic list of participants ready and eager to take a break from the standard school day.

Examples: Bake sale, hat day, pajama day

How it works: Pick out the fundraiser you want to host, and promote it to your students well in advance. Give them the opportunity to pay for a special privilege for the day, like wearing hats in class, or the chance to volunteer and get out of the classroom, like joining in on a bake sale.

School Fundraiser #4: After School Events

Pick out the kind of event that will resonate well with your school’s community, and you’ll be able to bring in funds through ticket sales and activities during the event such as auctions.

Examples: Carnival, comedy night, school dance

How it works: Save money by using your school auction as a venue, get parents and faculty to volunteer their time, reach out to local businesses for gifts-in-kind like food and drinks, and make sure to reach out to the media for coverage; once you have that down, it’s going to be all about your ticket sales and execution.

School Fundraiser #5: Parent-Targeted Fundraisers

Engage the parents and encourage as many donations as possible by selling items that they won’t be able to resist purchasing, like coupon books for stores within your community.

Examples: Discount cards, coupon books, engraved bricks

How it works: Parents will happily open their checkbooks to help support their children’s school and to get something to make their lives a little easier; that’s why practical items like discount cards and coupon books are so popular.



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