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Top 10 Swim Team Slogans and Sayings for T-Shirts

Posted By Jeff Gregory

When you’re not in the pool, you ought to have a cool t-shirt to promote your swim team, right? So why not create swimming t-shirts with a cool slogan or saying? We’ve put together a Top 10 List of cool swim team slogans to inspire you to make that great team shirt.

Top 10 Swimming Slogans for Your Swim Club T-Shirts

10. If you have a lane, you have a chance.

9. I do more before 8am than you do in a day.

8. Chlorine is my perfume.NWHS Swim Team Photo

7. Eat my wake.

6. Not all athletes wear shoes.

5. Instant Swimmer: Just Add Water.

4. Start Hard, Turn Smart, Finish Fast.

3. Wanna turn heads? Make waves.

2. H20: 2 parts heart, 1 part obsession.

1. You think your sport is hard? Try doing it while holding your breath!

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  • Zac

    We do more yards than football players. We flip more than gymnists. We kick more than soccer players. That’s why we swim.

  • kaden@

    go pearl

  • kaden@

    teachers hit it out of the park

  • kaden@

    your a graet websit

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