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Empowering Women’s Group Names

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Looking for a team name to inspire your women’s group? Take a look at some of the most fun and empowering women’s group names below. Let us know your favorite in the comment section! And if you want to make your own t-shirts or apparel for that upcoming meeting, fundraiser, or event, there’s still time. We even have face masks that you can customize! Custom Ink ships free and fast, so get designing ladies!

Women’s Group Names

    Female Fatale

    Making HERstory

    Here to Slay

    Pretty Tough


    La Femme

    Wonder Women

    Get Ovary It

    Hot Flash

    Dangerous Divas

    Super Fem

    Girl Gang

    Rosie’s Riveters


    Girls on Fire

    She Devils


    Slick Chicks

    Female Force

    Sisters Before Misters

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    • Lissa Eckert

      Wow, Alora—what a great reason to start a club! We’d love to help! Here are some ideas:

      * Tribe EmpowerHer
      * Support Squad
      * Gal Power

    • neelaveni pasunoori

      For aWomen group sanitary napkins unit
      We want a women group name

    • Lissa Eckert

      Hey Neelaveni! What a great cause. Here are some ideas:

      * Worthy Women
      * Care4Her
      * Her Health First

    • Tatum P. Manyama

      Good day,

      I want to start an organization or a movement. I am not sure what to to call it. The reason is I think I can make a difference in a lot of women’s life. I have been through so much in my life and I want to share so that can help any woman that needs it. I want to target women that are married and feel helpless, single women and young ladies to motivate into becoming independent and not depend sole on a man.

      I have been from domestic, to maintenance, to children’s court and back at maintenance court. My children are my drive. It has been the toughest 4 years but I never gave up. I have seen people give up. I want to be there because I know it not easy.

    • Lissa Eckert

      Hi Tatum! We’d love to help with a name for your women’s empowerment group. Here are some ideas:

      * Tough as Females
      * She’s Got This
      * The Female Force

    • Pamela Rogers

      I need a great name for a woman empowerment group! Inspirational, Motivational, Religious, Encouraging etc.

    • Lissa Eckert

      Hi Pamela! We’d love to help with an inspirational name. Here are some ideas:

      * LeadHers
      * Worthy Women
      * Stronger TogetHER

    • Carrie Moore

      Hello, I am trying to find the right name for my women’s smallgroup at church, that will help women conquer their fear of speaking in front a group or praying outloud for someone. I plan to have it on Tuesday’s and serve Tacos!! I came up with a few but I’m just not sure…

      Be Bold- Be Fearless
      Talk of the Town
      Talk and Tacos
      The Power of Talk
      Be the Light

    • Lissa Eckert

      Hey Carrie! What a fun way to spend a Tuesday! We love your ideas. Maybe a fun play on words with “Talko Tuesdays” could work too!

    • Lauren

      Hey! I’m looking for help to name an empowerment fb group for ladies in my community that’s all about doing events to get women connected and learning about health, parenting, relationships that’s family friendly, yet can also be time away from kids too, even entrepreneurial support of local women in buisness

    • Lissa Eckert

      Hey Lauren! We’d love to help with a name for your ladies group.

      * Stand TogetHer
      * Women in Wellness
      * SupportHER

    • Tiffani Hendrix

      I am looking to start a women’s social group that is all about getting people to be more social, wellness, and encouraging and uplifting women. Also looking to take possible trips together.

    • Lissa Eckert

      Hey Tiffani! Now that sounds like a great group! Here are some suggestions:

      Vibe Tribe
      She’s Social

    • Cortney Green

      I need a name for my new group of women in my business. It is about being confident inside and out, and feeling beautiful.

    • Lissa Eckert

      Hey Cortney! Here are some suggestions:

      * HERoes
      * Confidence Wins
      * Strength TogetHER

    • Cypcyone Johnson

      Hello Alexa, I’m looking for a name for my small women’s empowerment Group. I believe it takes a village for women too!
      We need an outlet and a circle of trusted friends. We are worthy, Loved, and powerful. I just want to create a where we uplift, inspire, rebirth old goals, make new ones and move towards them. If you can give me some ideas Id greatly appreciate it. Thank you

    • Colleen Gonzalez

      I am starting a women’s group and looking for group name ideas. It will be all about building self confidence and becoming a leader and achieving goals.

    • Lissa Eckert

      Hey Colleen! We’d love to help with a women’s group name. Feel free to use any on our list and here a couple additional ideas:

      * Confident Queens
      * Worthy Warriors

    • Aparna Sood

      Help me with a name for a women’s coliving and coworking brand.

      This community comprises of women entreprenuers and professionals who support and empower one another while living and working in the same place.


    • Esmeralda Oropeza


      I am looking for a theme name for an event that I will be hosting. It is a Women Empowerment Luncheon (virtual/ panelist style). Last year’s theme was “Breaking the Binary.” This phase refers to the rejection of gender norms, for example, womxn entrepreneurs challenging patriarchy and gender expectations in the workforce. So some theme along those lines???

    • Layla

      Hi there Can u help me choose a name for a team women entrepreneurs who trade.

    • Jan

      Hi Lissa, I’m about to set up a group offering Pilates and well-being to peri/pre/post menopausal women and I wondered if you could give me some ideas for a catchy name please?

    • Rosa

      Hey! I want to start a ladies group for enjoyment, parties, leisure trips as well as assisting each other in times of happiness and sorrow. May you please help me with the best group name that can suit my group

    • Barbara Young

      Can I use the name Golden Girls for my over 55’s women’s social group or is there a copyright on the name?

    • Maya

      Hi. Please suggest a name for an organisation where women help other women. Thanks.


      Hey! I want to start a ladies group for enjoyment, parties, leisure trips as well as assisting each other in times of happiness and sorrow. May you please help me with the best group name that can suit my group

    • Nirja verma

      Hi, can you please suggest me a unique name for my business belongs to women Empowerment?

    • Prisca Chitambala

      I’m looking for a name for my small women’s empowerment Group whose main objective is food preservation. Thank you


      Hi dear,

      We need a name suggestion for a women group in politics. We are matured women from age 35 and above, very vibrant and very active in politics. We seek to be *recognised as a strong group and force in Politics* and reach the lime light with Politics. Could u help pls?

      Thank u.


    • Mary

      I am struggling with finding a name for my movement. All the names I have decided on are already taken. I am looking for name suggestions that showcase a woman who is not ready to settle for less than she deserves. A woman who is ready to keep going until she fulfills her dreams and purposes no matter the obstacle she faces.

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