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28 Daisy Dash Team Names

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The Daisy Dash is an event that started in Clarendon Hills, Illinois that features casual races for all ages and doubles as a fundraiser for local charities. The main race is a 5k that explores the community and features large daisies to direct runners on the correct route—hence the name “Daisy Dash”. Show off your running spirit with some custom Daisy Dash shirts featuring one of these fun team names!

28 Daisy Dash Team Names

Flower Power

The Fast & the Flower-ous

The Lazy Daisies

Bouquet of Besties

Petals to the Metal

Petal Pals

Daisy Dudes

These Shoes Were Made for Running

Radical Runners

Fun Run Friends

100 Miles Per Flower

Happy Hour Flowers


Runnin’ for Fun

Saving the Best for Last

Running Wildflowers

Team Fresh as a Daisy

Green Thumb Runners

Oopsy Daisies

Powered by Flowers

The Daisy Dukes

Speedy Seedlings

Flower Folks

Running for Days and Daisies

Sprints & Giggles

Petals for Medals

Daisy Chain Gang

Daisy Crowns

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