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Creative Services: More Creative Than This Title!

Transferring Artwork To A T-Shirt

There are some things that I’m really great at, like being able to guess the plot to movies before they come out (Seven Pounds; totally called it), or naming all of the kings of ancient Mexico (thank you, Art History degree!). Then there are some things I’m not so good atlike math, dodgeball, and…tanning.

What I’m saying is we’re all adept at some things, and less-so at others.  Designing a t-shirt can be a lot of fun for some, for others it may not be their cup of tea.

How do we help those people who need a little extra boost in their design, or who love being imaginative but are looking for something a cut above?  Creative Services!

Whether it’s from scratch using source imagery, or adjusting artwork that we already have in our artwork library, Creative Services helps arrange and finalize your design before your order is placed. This is a complimentary service for any order of 6 or more.

How does it work? Let’s go through the steps.

1. Look Around and Collect. Our artists hit the ground running, so start thinking about what you’re looking for! Like a squirrel hiding nuts for the winter, try to collect as much stuff related to your design as possible. Do you like a font? Write it down. Do you want a specific shade of orange? Note it. Are you looking for something with a certain style or flavor? Find examples.  All of these little bits of information will help our artists put together the perfect design for you.

2. Call us. Any of our reps can help with your general questions, but Brie is our go-to-person when it comes to Creative Services. Give us a call at 1-800-293-4232 and ask for an original design with Creative Services. Brie will work with you from there!

3. Deposit. When you work with Brie she will explain the process from creation to final approval; however, the first step is a deposit. The required deposit varies depending on the amount of work required, but it all counts towards the cost of your final order.

4. Approval! You view and approve the final artwork. After artwork is finalized, we’ll place the order, and its smooth sailing from there. The hardest part is finding scissors to open the box.

Creative Services has helped a wide variety of customers, from military groups to wedding parties and sports teams.  We have also found that paying the deposit up-front, rather than the full cost of an order, is a great solution when working with committees or groups who tend to be more cost-conscious.  The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and seeing the finalized custom design makes parting with the remaining cost just a bit easier.

Take a look at some Creative Services examples of what Creative Services has done in the past, and let your imaginations take over.

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