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Michael Grunseth

With the holiday season approaching, we want to make sure our customers understand what method of printing they’re ordering for their customized t-shirts, and how to best use each to their advantage on future orders…

For any order we print, we use one of two methods: traditional screen-printing or digital printing. We use these two methods because each has its own strengths, and we can better work with a customer’s design when we have more tools in our toolbox.



Custom T-Shirt Purchase Order

Before I worked at CustomInk, I had no idea what a Purchase Order actually was. I thought it was like pointing at something you wanted to buy and saying “I demand to buy that!” Fortunately, I know better now.  If you are part of a school or a large organization, POs can make ordering a whole lot easier. Read more –>


T-Shirt Sleeve Printing

Some things just look better when viewed from the front, like televisions. Others are best observed from behind, like a great pair of jeans. But what’s a great way to shine while being seen from the side?

A sleeve print! Gather round blog readers, as I tell the tale of designs too rebellious for a front or back location. Read more –>


Cinco De Mayo

Like posing as Irishmen on St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo brings out the Mexican-American in all of us.  On May 5th, 1862 the Mexican army kicked some major French butt at the Battle of Puebla (they’ll get their props on Bastille Day, don’t worry) and a hundred and fifty years later we are still celebrating!

Cinco de Mayo is also the official start of the summer BBQ Season. Expect to see a lot more picnics, family reunions, and pool parties on the horizon (don’t forget the sunscreen and liquid smoke!)

Today is a day to celebrate overcoming obstacles with family and friends, perhaps with a certain salt-rimmed lime-flavored concoction. Why not use Cinco de Mayo as the perfect excuse to get things started as the weather warms up.

Editor’s Note: Keep in mind that any invitation to DC-area fiestas will be taken very seriously by the celebratory CustomInk blog team.


Maybe it’s because I didn’t make it to Disneyland until I was 13 and didn’t appreciate it (let’s face it, it’s an awkward age for anything new), but I seem to be having a delayed Disney thing happening because the 25-year-old me LOVES the new commercials running for the Disney resorts.  In the words of Liz Lemon, “I want to go to there.”

In the commercials, families are deliriously happy, kids are smiling, people are running through the warm surf on some distant beach, and everyone is enjoying themselves and those around them. Family vacations can be a great thing, and Disney shows us how they should be done. They also happen to feature everyone wearing custom t-shirts made for their family vacation, and while Disney did not get their shirts printed with us… they should have! And there ends my quick love affair with Disney. We almost had it all.

What is the lesson I am trying to teach, you ask? Well, if you’re having a family vacation this year, try drawing inspiration from the patented magic of Disney and think about creating your own vacation t-shirts.

Check out the commercial by clicking the video above, or going to the Disney Parks YouTube page.


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