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I don’t have a problem making new friends (thank you, magnetic personality!), but keeping friends is an entirely different story.  You know what would be really handy to keep people coming back for more after the initial glamor of being my friend wears off? A coupon each time we hang out again! Let’s dive into how CustomInk is great at keeping friends, by offering a Reorder Discount!  I bet you didn’t see that transition coming!



Special Product Request

If you’ve taken a gander at the CustomInk product catalog, you’ve noticed that we have a lot of products to choose from. We’ve tried to include the most popular items that fit a wide variety of customers. However, it’s possible that what you’re looking for isn’t offered online. How can we help you with that? With an Off-Site Product Request! Read more –>


Super Bowl Party

Sunday is the Super Bowl! It’s definitely one of the biggest and best sporting events of the year. The Super Bowl provides the venue for you to be the loudest, brightest, most “out-there” fan that you can be. Nothing is too much; nothing is off-limits. I might not understand the rules of football, but with the Super Bowl, I don’t just sit on the sidelines and twiddle my thumbs either… No, I stand, scream, cheer for the commercials, and support my team in an effort to be the best fan ever.  Even though I just picked my team last week…

This season, I’m celebrating the Super Bowl with great food and drink, a bunch of friends, and of course, some embarrassing bets on who wins the game (please win, Green Bay). No matter who wins or who has to run around the apartment complex in a dress (please Green Bay, please), you can always brag about (or lament the loss of) your team with a custom football fan t-shirt or other gear for the rest of the year!

What’s your Super Bowl tradition? Are you doing anything special for XLV?


High Resolution Vs. Low-Res Images

I am firmly putting on my Sales/Service Representative hat to work through a series of questions I get asked about using your own artwork in a design. What files work best? How do I upload my files? How do I make sure it prints the way I want it to?

A few weeks ago, I wrote about cool things that you can do with a photo, but before we get to that point, we need to start with selecting and uploading your images. I’m going to piece together the process for you, with some quick tips and insights along the way. I’ll start today’s post with a reminder than you can call our sales reps at any time and they can help you through any step, or do it for you.

Let’s begin! *gong*



Oh Canada

As I settle in to write today’s post I am thankful for one thing; I’m not outside. It is January in DC, and that means freezing temperatures, high winds, ice storms, and hopefully no repeats of last year’s Snowpocalypse (cross your snow-shovels). It is too frigid for even my arctic blood, but one thing that makes me feel better is thinking, “Well, at least I’m not up in Canada!”

If I have learned anything from watching copious amounts of HGTV, it’s that Canadians love their cold habitat, and for that I give them a tip of my snow-cap. In their honor, I’m dedicating this entry to how CustomInk takes extra care of our snow-friendly neighbors to the North. Read more –>


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