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Top 25 Creative Accounting Team Names

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Funny and Clever Team Names for Your Accounting Team or Group

Having a friendly tax season competition in the office or putting together a sports team for the upcoming season, and can’t come up with a clever team name? We’ve got you covered with our top team names for accounting firms. Check them out and let us know which one is your favorite! We love to make it fun and easy to customize almost anything you need, from coffee mugs to water bottles to face masks. So, give us a try if you’re in the market.

  1. It’s Accrual World
  2. Kicking Assets and Taking Names
  3. Tax Season Survivors
  4. Let’s Get Fiscal
  5. Tax-manian Devils
  6. Between the Spreadsheets
  7. Debits & Credits
  8. Team CPA (Certified Public Assassins)
  9. Mind the GAAP
  10. Death & Taxes
  11. Three Balance Sheets to the Wind
  12. Accountaholics
  13. Tax that Asset
  14. LIFO the Party
  15. Big Bad Bookkeepers
  16. The Number Crunchers
  17. Kicking Assets
  18. Penny Patrol
  19. Sir-Crunch-A-Lot
  20. Ledger-ndary
  21. The Cash Cows
  22. Bad and Boujee-Friendly
  23. The Bad Assets
  24. Life in the Math Lane
  25. Down for the Account

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  • Sam

    We’ve been discussing these at work and the only one we’re stuck on is Bad and Boujee-Friendly. Help! What does that mean?!

  • Lissa Eckert

    Hey Sam! Bad & Boujee (high-class) is from a popular song a few years back and in this case, is used as a play on “budget-friendly.” We hope that helps! 🙂

  • Sam

    Thank you Lissa! We got the song but were missing the play on words!

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