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Cancer Walk Team Names

Posted By Kate Degen

Cancer walk team names

Since Custom Ink started (way back in the year 2000), we’ve had thousands of folks order t-shirts and gear for charity walks & runs. To honor them and to give you a little inspiration for your walk team t-shirts, here are some of our favorite team names for cancer walks and relays. We hope you enjoy and maybe use one of these to create your own team t-shirts. We believe you’ll discover the power that t-shirts have to unite your group in the fight against cancer.

Inspiring Cancer Walk Team Names

    Prancers Against Cancer

    Plowing Over Cancer

    The Rack Pack

    Walking Warriors

    Cancer Slayers

    Heart and Sole

    Treasured Chests

    Bringing Back the Rack

    Got Hope?

    Never Say Never

    Banking on a Cure

    Hope on the Move

    Healthy Hooters

    The Tumornators

    Beauties & the Breast



    Kickin’ Carcinoma

    Cancer Killers

    Pancreas Pirates

    Hakuna Ma-tatas

    Breast Intentions

    Support Squad


    Straight Outta Chemo

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