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Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Posted By Kate Degen


Girls are sugar, spice, and everything nice— and they know how to party! Celebrate with our fun birthday party ideas for girls.

Spa Party
Is your little girl not so little anymore? Throw her an ahhhh-some spa party! Set up a spa at home with nail polish, face mask, and hair styling stations. Let everyone pick their favorite colors and styles. Set up a photo booth at the end so everyone can get a photo of their new look! Or, let the pros handle it and book a group appointment at a nail salon (kids under 12 typically get manicures at a reduced price). Need some more in-spa-ration? Create a dessert table with calm-colored treats like a pastel birthday cake and pink smoothies! Sip on cucumber water and let the day melt away. Send your perfectly pampered guests off with a bottle of nail polish, a sleep mask, or some body lotion.

Jammin’ Dance Party
Celebrate by getting down with disco or dubstep! Create a treat table with a glitter tablecloth and big silver letter balloons that spell out DANCE. Serve disco ball cupcakes, star-shaped sandwiches, and Pop Rocks! For a party at home, just set up a dance floor with a fog machine and boombox. Have the birthday girl come up with a playlist of her favorite songs before the party. Pump up the energy with a blacklight and glow sticks for everyone to wear! Or, bring the celebration to a dance studio— take a dance class where everyone can learn some killer moves.

Tea Party
It’s time to par-TEA! Have all the invitees wear their favorite party dress. As everyone arrives, create personalized tea party hats at a hat station. Provide straw hats, flowers, ribbons, and a glue gun—with adult supervision if needed! Once everyone is stylin’ in their new hats, start the tea party off with hot or iced tea in fun colored tea pots. (Don’t forget, pinkies up!) Decorate the table with paper doilies and tie strips of tulle into bows on the back of each chair. Set up dainty snacks like mini sandwiches and fruit pizzas on tiered platters. Fancy girls can have fun too! Hold a balancing contest where each guest walks around and balances a plastic tea cup on her head. Or play a game of hot tea cup (hot potato) and pass a tea cup around until there’s a winner! As a parting gift, put together baggies of tea bag-shaped shortbread cookies.

Cheerleading Party
2, 4, 6, 8— we appreciate a killer party! The birthday girl will shout for this cheerleading celebration! Set up a station where every guest can pick out hair bows and mini pom-poms. Use the birthday girl’s favorite team colors to create a tablescape complete with cheer megaphones and cake. Or, make pom-pom cake pops by dipping the cake into melted chocolate and covering it with shredded coconut. Gather together to learn some cheers— spell out the birthday girl’s name or pick a favorite team to shout about! Send everyone home with a set of their very own pom-poms.

Fashion Show Party
Is your girl a budding fashionista? Have her show off her look at a fashion show party. Create a runway with any color paper on a roll, and set up chairs alongside. Use a string of white holiday lights to outline the runway for a high-fashion look. Give the dessert table some flare with mannequins, pearls, and a handbag cake. Or, make high heel cupcakes— bake and frost the cupcakes, then use two flat cookies to create the heel. Have a bucket of dress up outfits, boas, sunglasses, and more so each guest can create a signature look. As everyone walks down the runway, snap photos to capture the designs! Send everyone off with a goodie bag of lipstick or lip gloss and a bottle of glitter nail polish.

Baking Party
Does the birthday girl have a knack for whipping up something sweet? Bake up some fun with a baking party! Give everyone an apron to wear that they can keep when they leave (check online or a craft store for children’s sizes). Create a dessert table with a homemade “bakery” sign above it using the birthday girl’s name, something like, “Welcome to Sam’s Bakery!”. Set up pedestals with a cake and other bakery favorites. Make sure to leave one empty for the delicious treats you make with the group! Have everyone set up around the kitchen counter as you make a batch of cookies. Let everyone help with the ingredients. As they bake, have a cupcake race- split the group into two teams and give each team a spatula and a cupcake. Each team member has to run down to one end of the yard and back without dropping the cupcake. First team to finish wins! When the cookies are done, set up a decorating station with frostings, sprinkles, or even candy and salty treats like pretzels. Let everyone create their own concoction. Send everyone off with their cookies and a cookie recipe card so they can make them again at home.

NYC Party
Does your little girl love NYC? Bring the city to her with this cosmopolitan celebration. Decorate with paper cutouts of the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, or Freedom Tower. Create a treat table with a red tablecloth and city street signs, subway signs, and mini taxis. Serve NYC food like pepperoni pizza, bagels with cream cheese, and hot dogs. Get a Big Apple shaped cake, or a cake with the Statue of Liberty on top! Have everyone pick their favorite NYC baseball team— the Yankees or the Mets. Set up a button station with logos from each team and let everyone create their own button. Then head outside for a rival game of wiffle ball!

Harry Potter Party
Everyone will say “Holy Hogwarts!” after this Harry Potter party. Decorate your front door with paper bricks and a platform 9 ¾ sign. As each wizard arrives, give them a wood wand (that they can take home later) and have them pull a piece of paper out of the Sorting Hat to find out which house they belong to! Set up a dessert table with a banner made of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin symbols. Have a cake made with the birthday girl’s favorite house colors, with an owl on top! Serve butter beer (cream soda) or birthday potion made from green Kool Aid. Make gold cake pops with wings for a Golden Snitch you can eat! Play a game of Quidditch outside with the guests split up into their chosen houses. Attach hula hoops to sticks and plant three in the ground on each side of the court. Use a deflated soccer ball as the Quaffle, dodgeballs as the Bludgers, and paint a golf ball gold for the Golden Snitch. Look online or at your party store for costume brooms for everyone to ride around on!

Ballerina Party
Is the birthday girl a prima ballerina? She’ll chasse for this graceful celebration! Have everyone wear their favorite leotard, ballet shoes, or tutu! Set up a treat table with a pink tablecloth and music boxes. Use white cake stands and attach pink tulle to look like tutus. Get a pink ruffled cake with ballet shoes on top and accompany it with pink wafer cookies and pretzel rods dipped in pink frosting and glitter sugar. Don’t forget the pirouette punch— pink lemonade with pink striped straws! Play pin the tutu on the ballerina or a game of ballet bingo. To get the party moving, hire a local dance teacher to come teach the girls a mini routine. Have them perform it for all the parents as they arrive at the end of the party. For favors, put pink cotton candy in pink tulle decorated mason jars.

Supergirl Party
Unleash your girl power with this supergirl fete! Have everyone dress up as their favorite superhero, or even their favorite super villain! Set the mood with a famous cityscape cutout like Gotham or Metropolis. Set up a treat table with a bright pink tablecloth and use white pedestals to display a tiered cake with the supergirl “S” on the front. Or serve blue velvet cupcakes with pink frosting! Don’t forget kryptonite rock candy. Get everyone off their feet with a game of pin the mask on the hero, or if the weather is nice, have a supergirl competition. See who can jump, run, or throw things the farthest! Everyone is sure to say Bam! Zap! and KaWOW! for this bash!

Kate wants her work to impact the little but important moments in people’s lives—like birthdays, anniversaries, and family celebrations. She loves coming up with witty copy that might inspire someone to create an awesome t-shirt!

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