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400 Electric Company Names Free of Charge

Choosing the perfect name for your electric company is like finding the right voltage to power up your brand. It’s a process that requires a spark of creativity and a surge of inspiration. 

In this blog post, we’ll energize your brainstorming process and help you find the name that will make your business shine bright. Whether you’re part of an established electric company looking to rebrand or just starting your business, we’ve got you covered. 

We’ll dive into a wide range of ideas, from catchy electric company names that will light up your customers’ faces to professional and clever names that will leave a lasting impression. You may also think about a funny electric company slogan to demonstrate your brand. So, switch on your imagination, and let’s explore the world of electric company names that will make sparks fly in the industry!

Catchy Electric Company Names

1. The Red Watt Chili Peppers

2. High Voltage Solutions

3. The Electric Sliders

4. Guilty as Charged Electric

5. Current Electric Innovations

6. When Sparks Fly Electric

7. Shock Absorber Electric

8. Sir Shocks-A-Lot Electric

9. The Ohm Depot

10. Shot in the Dark Electric

11. Spark of Genius

12. Spark Attack

13. Noah’s Spark

14. Spark Angel

15. Joan of Spark

16. Volt Mountain Electric

17. The Volt Rush

18. Triple Volt Club

19. Stone Volt Steve Austin’s Electric

20. Volt Squad

21. Circuit Masters

22. Mega Watt Electric

23. Gross Electric Product

24. Great Scott! Electric

25. Electric Strength Associates

26. Electric Partnership

27. We Dream of Electric Sheep

28. Electric Cat Co. 

29. Electric Investigators 

30. Electric Trade Commission

31. The Electric Club

32. Great White Spark Electric

33. Spark Attack Electric 

34. Spark at the Moon Electric

35. Watt’s Up? Electric 

36. Circuit Breakers

37. Shock Therapy Electric 

38. Electric Boogie Services

39. Power Play Electrical Services

40. Power Trip Electricians

41. Jurassic Spark Electric Services

42. Thunderstruck Electric

43. Radioactive Electricians

44. Electric Feel Services

45. Electric Love 

46. Lightning Crashes Electric

47. Flashlife Electric

48. Better Flash Electric

49. Flash-hearted Electric Services

50. Shocking Twist Electric

51. The Volt Verdict Electric 

52. Sparks of Destiny Electric Co. 

53. Flash Management

54. Flash Advance Electric Co. 

55. Ohm Sweet Ohm Electric

56. Watts of Wonder Electric

57. Ampere Architects 

58. Watts of Wisdom Electric

59. Plug & Play Electric

60. Circuitry Savvy

61. Amped Allies

62. Electric Gurus

63. Wired Wizardry

64. Energized Electricians

65. Sparktacular Solutions

66. Circuit Savants

67. The Electric Elite

68. Electric Titans

69. Wave Wizards Electric Co. 

70. Efficient Electric

71. SparkArc Solutions

72. Circuit Mapper Solutions

73. Maximum Current Electric 

74. Circuit Saver Electric 

75. Energized Experts

76. Jolt of Genius Electric Co. 

77. Jolt & Bolt Electric

78. Amped Alliance Electric Co. 

79. Wattage Warriors Electric Co.

80. Elite Electrical Services

81. Aces of Amps Electric Co. 

82. Plugged In Professionals

83. Volt Check Electric

84. Joule Genius Electric 

85. Circuit Sync Electric

86. Wise Wires Electricians

87. Joule Corp. 

88. Circuit Path Electric 

89. Joule Genius Electricians

90. The Volt Vanquishers

91. Shocking Twist Electric

92. Spark and Shine Electric

93. The Power Games Electric Co. 

94. Electric Obsession 

95. Gridlock Electricians

96. Bolt of Lightning Electric

97. Electric Lady Co. 

98. Illuminated Electrical Co. 

99. Lighten Up Electric

100. Electric Odyssey Co. 

Rick's Electrical Inc. team pose in front of their work van wearing custom gear.

Cool Electric Company Names

101. Bright Wire

102. Shock Wave Electric

103. Lightning Bolt Technologies

104. Electra Electric

105. Current Control Services 

106. Energy Surge Solutions

107. Powerline Electric

108. Bright Grid Services

109. The Volt Electric Co.

110. Spark Electric Systems

111. Electric Pulse Technologies

112. Surge Solutions

113. VoltTech Industries

114. Amped Up Electric

115. Circuit Wise Electricians

116. Amped Energy Solutions

117. Circuit Works Solutions

118. ElectraBright

119. Lightning Strike Solutions

120. ElectriLink 

121. Spark Worx

122. Grid Sense Electric

123. Spark Flow Electric

124. Wired Professionals

125. Power Beam Solutions

126. Voltage Pros

127. Smart Grid

128. Blue Spark Electric 

129. Voltage Vibes Electric

130. Powerhouse Electric 

131. Luminous Spark Electric 

132. Electric Avenue Associates

133. Flashpoint Electric 

134. Electric Symphony Services

135. Flash of Hope Electric

136. Voltage Vortex Electric

137. The Surge Electric Solutions

138. Wired Up Electrical Solutions

139. Wisely Wired Electric

140. Sparkplug Electric

141. High Voltage Ventures

142. Voltage Visionaries

143. Circuit Control Masters

144. The Electric Ensemble 

145. Switched On Services

146. Megawatt Masters

147. Electrify Your Life Electricians

148. Circuit Kings

149. Boost Electric Co. 

150. Circuit Breaker Tech

151. Power Flow Electric

152. Energy Smart Electric 

153. Power Sync Technology

154. Electric Masters

155. IntelliPower Electric Co. 

156. Enlightened Energy

157. ProElectra Services

158. Amped Academy Electricians

159. Lightning Storm Electric 

160. Power Puzzles Electric Co. 

161. Bright Ideas Electric Co. 

162. ElectriCity Services

163. The Electric Express

164. Spark It Up Electric Co. 

165. Electric Aura Co. 

166. Electric Oasis Co. 

167. Joule’s Paradise Electric 

168. Joule Hand Luke Electric

169. Joule’s Gold Electric Co. 

170. Joule for Love Electric Co. 

171. Bridging the Zap Electric 

172. Ghost in the Machine Electric Co. 

173. Into the Zap Electric Co. 

174. Grounded Electric Co. 

175. Flash of the Titans Electric

176. Live Wire Electric 

177. Charge Forward Electric

178. Electra Glow Group

179. Enlightened Electric Co. 

180. Smart Spark Electric

181. Precision Power

182. Current Craft Electric

183. Power Pulse Electric 

184. Current Connoisseurs Electric Co. 

185. Enlightened Edge Electric

186. OptiPower Electric 

187. Fusebox Electric 

188. Sparked Electric Co.

189. Power Works Electric

190. Goody Two-Fuse Electric 

191. The Fuse Brothers 

192. Fuse Corporation

193. Blue’s Fuse Electric

194. Express Fuse Electric Co. 

195. House of Fuse Electric 

196. Nothing Left to Fuse Electric Co.n

197. High Wire Electric 

198. Earth, Wind, & Wire Electric 

199. Ring of Wire Electric 

200. Reign of Wire Electric

The Hohbach Electric, Inc. team pose in front of their work van wearing custom gear.

Professional Electric Company Names

201. Power Surge Pros 

202. Energy Max Solutions

203. Electric Pro Innovations

204. Current Connections Electric 

205. Ampere Edge Solutions

206. ProCircuit Innovators

207. High Voltage Electric Co. 

208. Flicker-Free Electrical Solutions

209. Power Players Inc. 

210. Wired Works Group

211. Circuit Sense Electric 

212. Power Precision Partners

213. Smart Spark Electric

214. Electric Powerhouse Solutions

215. Bold Electric Co. 

216. Innovative Electrical Solutions

217. Effective Electric Co. 

218. Cutting Edge Electricians

219. Creative Electrical Solutions

220. Inventive Electric Co.

221. Distinct Electric Co.

222. Fresh Electric 

223. By Design Electric Co. 

224. Luminous Electric Co.

225. Brilliant Electrical Solutions

226. Radiant Electric 

227. Effulgent Electric

228. Brainy Electric Co. 

229. Golden Electric Co. 

230. Empowered Electrical 

231. Maximum Electrical Solutions

232. Wise Wired Electrical Solutions 

233. Endorsed Electricians 

234. Wire Drill Electric Co. 

235. The Wire Electric 

236. Easy Electrical Solutions

237. Smart Electric Co. 

238. Energy Flow Electric Co. 

239. Volt Master Electric 

240. Maximized Electrical Solutions

241. Fuse Guard Electric 

242. Power Hub Electric Co.

243. Spark Arc Electricians

244. Safe Net Electric Co. 

245. Vital Electricians

246. Electricity Enterprises 

247. Electric Artisans 

248. Modern Electrical Solutions

249. Bright Light Electric Co. 

250. Full Potential Electric

251. GigaWatt Electrical 

252. Northwest Electric 

253. Southwest Electric 

254. Northeast Electric 

255. Southeast Electric 

256. Progressive Electric Co. 

257. Powered Up Electrical Services 

258. Green Electric Co. 

259. Sustainable Electric Solutions

260. EcoCurrent Innovations

261. Earth Volt Electric

262. Green Tech Electric

263. Clean Electric Solutions

264. City Electric Services

265. Gold Standard Electric

266. Commercial Electric Co. 

267. Handy Electricians

268. Super Electric Co. 

269. Radiant Electric Solutions

270. Country Electric

271. Mr. Electricity 

272. Sterling Electric Co. 

273. City Lights Electric Co. 

274. AAA Electric Services

275. Flux Electric Co. 

276. Complete Electric Solutions

277. Perfect Electric Services

278. Flawless Electric

279. Excellent Electric 

280. Immaculate Electric Co. 

281. Exceptional Electric

282. Expert Electric 

283. Superior Electric Co. 

284. Masterful Electricians

285. Superb Electric Solutions

286. Stellar Electric

287. Awesome Electric 

288. Volt Mountain Electric Co. 

289. Volt Rush Electric 

290. White Hot Electric Co. 

291. State-of-the-Art Electric 

292. Quick Electric Solutions

293. Clear Wire Electric

294. Creative Current Electric

295. Sparkplug Electric

296. High Voltage Solutions

297. Grounded Electric Co. 

298. Flashpoint Electric

299. Boost Electric Co.

300. Smart Grid

Funny Electric Company Slogans

301. Find out watt we do best! 

302. Zap away your worries with us. 

303. Plugging into perfection. 

304. We’ll take care of your current needs.

305. Amped on quality service

306. Powerful service, electrifying results.

307. Surge your way to success.

308. Electrical mastery that shines bright 

309. We’re lit. 

310. We’ve got the power.

311. Don’t get your wires crossed.

312. We’ll light up your day! 

313. Lighten up.

314. Current-ly the best in business. 

315. Powering up success together. 

316. Shocking service at electrifying prices.

317. Electrifying your expectations with our top-tier service.

318. We’re the brightest sparks in the industry! 

319. We’re buzzing with excitement to serve your electricity needs.

320. Watt are you waiting for? Switch to us.

321. Zap your worries away with our excellent service.

322. Our service is shockingly good—we guarantee it! 

323. Don’t be shocked by our amazing service—expect it! 

324. Our results are shocking…ly great! 

325. Let us light your way.

326. Bright ideas. Bright futures. 

327. Don’t be shocked by our unbeatable prices.

328. Don’t let electrical issues darken your life. 

329. Watt’s the buzz? Our service is electrifying.

330. We’ll power up your life.

331. Electrifying results that will leave you with a smile.

332. Switch to our illuminating service! 

333. We’ll energize your life with our exceptional service.

334. Bringing the “ohm” to your home.

335. We’re amped to brighten your world! 

336. We’ll power you up with a jolt of excellence! 

337. Our service is shockingly good.

338. Electrify your world with our expertise.

339. Harness electricity, empowering success.

340. Sparking connections that last.

341. Switch to hassle-free electrical services. 

342. Empowering you with shockingly good service.

343. Lighting the path to excellence. 

344. Amp up your electrical needs.

345. Sparking innovation for a bright future. 

346. We’re wired for outstanding service.

347. Electrical mastery that sparks joy.

348. Watt’s your vision? Let’s bring it to life! 

349. Electrical solutions that make your circuits sing.

350. Powering up your dreams.

351. Bringing a positive charge to every project.

352. Sparking lasting connections since [year].

353. Exceptional service. Electrifying results. 

354. Switch on greatness. Light up ???

355. We’re wired to exceed expectations. 

356. We’re just watt you need! 

357. Plug into reliable solutions.

358. Light up your life with our expertise! 

359. Shedding light on your electrical problems. 

360. Electricity made simple. Results made extraordinary.

361. Switching on brilliance.

362. Sparking connections, lighting up lives. 

363. Power up your projects with a positive charge. 

364. Lighting up the possibilities. 

365. Plugging in excellence. Sparking your satisfaction. 

366. Electrical craftsmanship that shines through every task. 

367. We’re here to amp you up! 

368. Watt are you waiting for? Choose [company name]! 

369. Power surge your way to success.

370. Superior service that’s positively electric. 

371. Electrifying craftsmanship.

372. Power up your dreams.

373. Illuminating the way forward. 

374. Electrifying service that won’t electrocute you. 

375. We’ll zap your electrical worries away. 

376. Voltage visionaries. Wired for success. 

377. Bringing a spark of genius to your electrical needs. 

378. Current-driven excellence that goes the extra mile. 

379. Electrical finesse that’s simply electrifying. 

380. Lighting up success, one switch at a time. 

381. Power up your projects with ease. 

382. Shocking the industry with our exceptional skills. 

383. Electrifying solutions that leave a lasting impression. 

384. We’re watt you’ve been looking for!

385. Lighting up your world, one connection at a time. 

386. Electrical solutions that make sparks fly. 

387. Power up your projects with our superior service. 

388. Wired for excellence and illuminating your life. 

389. Electrical mastery that’s shockingly good. 

390. Shocking efficiency, electrifying results. 

391. Bright sparks of knowledge illuminating your way. 

392. Sparking innovation. Energizing your dreams. 

393. Switching on greatness. 

394. We’re charged up and ready to serve you. 

395. Powering up your projects with precision and passion. 

396. Plugging into excellence. 

397. Electrical solutions that make your circuits dance. 

398. Sparking connections you can trust. 

399. Power up your projects with confidence.

400. Bright sparks of reliability.

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