The 4 Elements of a Great Design

Posted By Steph Silva


Creating a great design is easy!

At Booster, we’ve seen thousands of designs. As a result, we’ve learned a lot about what works, and the good news is that making a great design for your Booster really isn’t all that complicated. I’ve boiled it down to 4 key elements that you can use to make a great design.

If you’d prefer to read instead of watch, read on! Otherwise you can just watch the short video up top to get all of the same great information.

1) Clean and Simple

The design on your product is conveying some sort of message to anybody who sees it. If your design is too intricate or complicated, at best it’ll be difficult for someone to read and understand your message, and at worst the details won’t print well due to the nature of screen printing.

You should also think about whether you want to have your design on just one side, or if it needs to be on both the front and the back. You could spread out your message across both sides, but it’ll add to the cost per product, which affects your print minimum and total funds raised.

2) Limited Colors

We recommend creating a design that uses a small number of colors – ideally 2 or maybe 3 at most. That’s because the number of colors you have on your design is a huge factor in the cost of your products. Each separate color on your design will require a time-consuming and expensive process when your products go into production, so minimizing the number of colors you use helps to keep the cost per product down. As a result, this also affects your print minimum (the number of products you need to sell before your campaign is successful enough to go to print) and the amount of money you can raise per product.

To summarize – fewer colors means lower cost per shirt, which leads to a lower print minimum and more money raised per shirt, which means it’s easier for you to be more successful and raise more money.

3) Pick the Right Product

You want to make sure that your product pairs well with your design. You don’t want a product color that is similar to any colors in your design, or the print won’t show up. And you don’t want a color that’s too bright, unless it matches your design and message. The safest bet is to choose a color that’s either complementary to your design or is neutral, like white, gray, or black. Different products will have different colors, as well as different costs, so you should take a look through our product selection and find the product and color that’s right for your campaign.

I made a cool little video that shows you a few of the different products that you can use depending on what your goal is.

4) Know Your Audience

This is the most important element. Know what kind of a design your audience would want to show off and the type of product they’d want to wear. If you’re launching in the fall, maybe choose a long sleeve or a sweatshirt. If your cause is kid-friendly, you should probably add youth sizes. If you’re raising money for a specific non-profit or company, incorporate their colors or style. Whatever you’re launching a Booster for, always remember that your audience – your supporters – are the most important part of your campaign.

If you use these 4 elements when creating a design for your Booster, you’ll set yourself up for even more success! You should check out our Design Resource page, which has a bunch of great templates you can use as a starting point. And don’t be afraid to reach out to us at or 844-537-3998 if you need help with your design or have any questions!

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