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Funny & Creative Fishing Team Names

Are you participating in a fishing tournament or going on a fishing trip, and need a team name for your crew? Well, we’ve got a list just for you! Our team names below are comprised of some of our favorites from customer orders and a few we came up with on our own. So whether you’re an avid saltwater fisherman or just happy casting on the side of a pond, feel free to pick one for your group. And be sure to consider adding them to custom fishing t-shirts, hats, or sweatshirts.

Clever and Fun Fishing Team Names for You and Your Group

    Rods & Reels

    Bait Me

    Aquaholics Anonymous

    Happy Hookers

    Trout Bums

    The Muddy Rudders

    Reel Men

    Like a Fish Out of Water… Literally

    Grab Your Rod!


    Bait Buddies


    The Pirate Fisharrrrrrrmen

    Worm Wigglers

    The Lucky Buggers

    Girls Gone Jiggin

    The Happy Anglers

    The Sea Hags

    Keeping It Reel

    Fish Tales

    Bait Runners

    Fish On!

    Boat Junkies

    Get the Net!

    The Sippy Crew

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