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33 Lego League Slogans and Sayings

lego league slogans and sayings

Lego league teams know that when all the right pieces come together, nothing is impossible. Take your team to victory with custom t-shirts and masks that help you build your way to the top, and add these fun Lego League slogans and sayings to make it all worthwhile.

33 Lego League Slogans and Sayings

Building the future

Building blocks of success

Deconstructing stereotypes

Building on the success of our peers

If you build it they will come

Programmed to build

Constructing our future

Creative engineering

Hardwired for success

Built for success

Built through cooperation

Building the future one brick at a time

Built differently by design

Built to program

Coming together to create something new

Putting ideas in motion

Innovation through creation

Inventing the future

Don’t tread on us

Brick by brick

Even the smallest pieces can build the future

More than robots

Gear up for a change
Learn to build, build to play, play to win

Connected to something more

Building robots is just the beginning

Many pieces, one team

Watch your step, lego hazard zone

Work boots required

Program twice, build once

Bricks before chicks

Our nuts and bolts are all square

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