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30 ASL/American Sign Language Club Slogans and Sayings

A group wearing custom t-shirts to show off their American Sign Language Club.

American Sign Language is a complete natural language that’s expressed through the movements of both the hands and face. As the primary language for Americans who are deaf and hard of hearing, it helps hundreds of thousands of Americans communicate on a daily basis. If your group is looking to learn this amazing language, consider coming together with custom t-shirts and more to help inspire your lessons and practice. While you’re at it, also check out these fun ASL Club Slogans and Sayings to add a little fun to your learning.

30 ASL/American Sign Language Club Slogans and Sayings

Talk to the hands

Words given shape

A sign is worth a thousand words

Signs are to eyes what words are to ears

Keep calm and sign on

Because hands say more than lips

Let me sign it out for you

See more than you can hear

Words are in the eye of the beholder

The best way to talk underwater

We talk with our mouths full

Cut through all the noise

More numbers than you can count on one hand

Our hands are never idle

Gesture with love

Speak a 3D language. *3D glasses not required

Volume is none of our concern

Bringing language to life

Words for the wise

What’s your sign?

Never been shushed

Digital communication

Let’s shake hands

Speak no evil

Put your hands together

Proficient in gestures

Talk with your hands. Literally.

Witness the beauty of language

In one eye and out the other

Seen and not heard

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