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30 Kan Jam Slogans and Sayings

A Kan Jam team wearing custom t-shirts with an image of a frisbee and the text Frisbeasts on them.

Put a new spin on your backyard games with a little friendly flying disc competition. Toss your worries away when you’re competing in the classic sport of Kan Jam. Whether you’re playing for fun or to crown your crew the champs of the chog, add more fun to your next game with custom t-shirts, masks, and flying discs featuring these fun Kan Jam slogans and sayings.

34 Kan Jam slogans and Sayings

Masters of spin

Stop, Kan Jam time

Winning big at the slots

Kan we slot it? Yes we kan!

Less traffic, more jams

If you like it then you better put a fling on it

We’re here for the jam band

Keeping a kan do attitude

Kick their kans

Wanna has a jam sesh?

Spin it to win it

Jamming with our disc jockeys

Want a little toast with your kan jam?

Throw it in the bucket list

We’re all just chogs in the machine

You spin me right round baby

It’s all in the wrist

If you love me let me throw

Slots Slots Slots Slots Slots

All dinged up with nowhere to throw

Cover your cans

Better than strawberry jam

Showing our kan do attitudes

Don’t kick the bucket

Put a little spin on it

It amounts to a bucket of spin

One slot, one opportunity

I Kan Jam

Show us your kans

Spreadable, edible fun

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