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30 Demolition Derby Slogans and Sayings

Demolition Derby Custom T-shirt Slogans and Sayings

Looking for some rough and tumble fun? Make your way down to the demolition derby where you can watch metal mayhem to your heart’s content.This exciting event combines the perfect amount of mechanical prowess and insane recklessness to drive up your adrenaline whether you’re watching from the pits or sitting in the driver’s seat. Gear up your group for the next contest of metallic grit with custom t-shirts and masks for the whole crew and add some extra fun with these 30 demolition derby slogans and sayings.

30 Demolition Derby Slogans and Sayings


Talk derby to me

If it ain’t broke, demolish it

If the dirt ain’t flyin’, you ain’t tryin’

Don’t break my stick

Fender benders are my specialty

If you don’t like my hits, watch from the pits

Repair, demolish, repeat

I break cars and hearts

Meet me in the metal

Bend it till it breaks

Derby drives me wild

It’s not road rage, it’s derby

Tailgate this!

I settle it in the mud

Crash into me

Keep calm and crash on

Rev em’ if you (still) got ‘em

If at first you don’t succeed, crash, crash again

Derby’s just racing with the boring parts cut out

Built tough to play rough

Give it more gas

Strip it, smash it, fix it, repeat!

Crash specialist

Legalized road rage

Let’s get smashed

Crash and the boys

Twisted metal is my art

Smash ‘em up

Don’t trash your old car, demolish it

Making mods and smashing bods

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