Slogans & Sayings

30 Breakdancing Slogans and Sayings

Breakdancing Slogans and Sayings

First made popular in the 1970’s breakdancing is an athletic style of street dance that continues to amaze crowds to this day. Whether you’re spinning solo or breaking it down with your crew, make your moves stand out even more with custom t-shirts and masks featuring these awesome breakdancing slogans and sayings.

30 Breakdancing Slogans and Sayings

Spin to win

Breakdance, not hearts

Break out in breakdance

Get down and breakdance

Feel the groove

Cardboard is my dance floor

Get down with the sound

You spin me right round baby

Put a new spin on dance

Breakdancing is like twister with rhythm

If you get knocked down, dance on the ground

Bend till you break dance

Break dancing: put your body into it

The world revolves around breakdance

Spin around for applause

Firsthand physics lessons

Built to break dance

Head, shoulders, knees, and toes

Time for my fifteen minute break dance

I get knocked down, and I break dance again

Bust a move

Throw it down on the ground

Break it to the beat

Music makes me move my body

Breakdance: Let it rip!

Let’s get horizontal

Make moves and cut grooves

Gravity’s not a law, it’s a suggestion

Dance like the world isn’t watching

The beat will break you free

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