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29 Salsa Team Names

Ready to move your body on the floor? Do it in custom salsa t-shirts from Custom Ink! Whether you’re outfitting your dance studio or gearing up for a Salsa competition, complement your fancy footwork with personalized apparel that’s sure to make you stand out. Need some inspiration? Take a look at our Salsa team names below. If you see something that gives you a beat, customize t-shirts for your group.

29 Salsa Team Names

    Our Salsa is Extra

    Salsa Squad

    On 2

    Cold, Hard, Salsa

    Team Tempo

    LA LA Latinos

    On 1

    Hold Me

    Cumbia Crew

    Fancy Feet

    Bailando Babes

    Compas Co.

    Always Derecha

    Sassy Salsa

    Drum It Up

    Los Salseros

    Got Latin Dance?

    Mambo Mavens

    Smooth Moves


    Rhythm & Rhumba

    NY State of Mind

    All About That Bass

    Tumbao Baes

    Beat It

    Sensual Strides

    Quick Hips


    Clave 4 U

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