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26 Production Company Name Ideas

Posted By Kate Degen

Lights, camera, action–and custom t-shirts! Starting your own production company or want some custom gear to help you give a fresh look to your existing one? We’ve got tons of tees, polos, hoodies, and more that are perfect for any budding business. Whether you’re passionate about film or special effects, personalized apparel will give your company a professional look on set. Need some inspiration for your business name? Take a look at our production company names below. If you see something that’s an award winner, personalize t-shirts for your whole crew.

26 Production Company Names

    Reel Deal

    B-Roll Bros

    Splice & Dice Studios

    Action Heroes Films

    [NAME] Animations

    Screenplay Squad

    Mix It Up

    Golden Focus

    Applause Studios


    Undermount Pictures

    2020 Pictures

    Chick Flix

    House of Stories

    Studio D [or your initial]

    The Classics Crew

    Fleek Features

    Screen Team

    [NAME] Network

    Chasing Fame

    Hand Clap Co.


    Lens a Hand Studio

    The [NAME] Company

    & Chill Productions

    Advanced Screening Productions

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