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Funny Clarinet Section Sayings for T-shirts

Clarinet Sayings PhotoIf you’re in need of a saying or slogan for your band’s clarinet section, don’t look any further. We’ve put together a list just for you. We’ve found some of our favorites from customer orders and came up with a few funny ones of our own. So show off your woodwind pride and pick one of our sayings, either to stick on band t-shirts, sweatshirts, or custom hoodies!

Clever Clarinet Section Slogans and Sayings

    Clarinets are like ninjas. You can’t hear us but we’re there.

    Because violins are not the answer.

    We swear! It’s really the reed’s fault!

    We aren’t like the  Rest.

    Where clarinets go… Treble follows.

    So loud you can almost hear us.

    You can always blame the reeds.

    Without clarinets, life would B♭.

    Reed lickers unite!

    Clarinets like to play it close to the edge.

    We play our rests perfectly.

    The only instrument that matters.

    We will be heard!

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