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28 Animal Rescue Slogans & Sayings

Helping to find the perfect forever home for your furry friends? Do it in style with custom animal rescue t-shirts, sweats, and more! Whether you’re volunteering for a cat-focused shelter or need some custom swag to make your dog adoption event stand out, one-of-a-kind gear is sure to get the attention of future fur parents. Need some inspiration for your group? Check out our animal rescue slogans & sayings below. If you see something that’s top dog, personalize t-shirts for your whole group.

28 Animal Rescue Slogans & Sayings

    Dogs before dudes.

    We let the dogs out.

    Be a proud foster parent.

    Adopt don’t shop.

    Endless pawsibilities.

    Live long and pawspurr.

    Happy tails, happy families.

    Life is better when you adopt.

    Come meet your new best friend.

    Yaaaas adopt.

    They’ll love you furever.

    Show me your kitties.

    Could your home use some cattitude?

    It takes just one sniff.

    We’ve got wonderful woofers.

    Rescue, save, love.

    It’s not a home without a dog.

    Will you be their future?

    Rescue is our favorite breed.

    Think pawsitive.

    From wags to riches.

    Taking action for animals.

    Paws for the cause.

    Feline fine.

    Come see all the very good boys.

    Helping those who can’t help themselves.

    Keep calm and purr on.

    Who rescued who?

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