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27 Renovation Company Names

Posted By Kate Degen

Are you all about making something old look new again? Then roll up your sleeves and customize renovation company t-shirts at Custom Ink! Whether you love creating a traditional home or specialize in modern farmhouses, custom apparel will make your company stand out from the rest. Personalize polos and t-shirts for your workers or create your own lawn signs for job sites. Need some inspiration for your business name? Check out our renovation company names below. If you see something that feels fresh, personalize t-shirts for your whole crew.

27 Renovation Company Names

    Real Studs

    Counters & Currents

    Refinished Co.

    Tear It Up

    Blue Tape Renovations

    Fresh Paint Design Co.

    [NAME] Inspired Homes

    Four Walls Renovations

    [NAME] Quality Homes

    Hammer It Homes

    Snapshot Homes

    Welcome Homes Co.

    Dreamer Homes

    Finishing Touch Renovations

    Prestige Home Projects

    Good Bones Homes

    Turnkey Properties

    [YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD] Homebuilders

    Break It & Fix It

    Facelift Homes

    New Vintage Homes

    First Home Remodelers

    Refurbed for Life

    Restoration Remodels

    Home Advantage Construction

    Update! Renovation Company

    House Rehab Group

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