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27 Farm Girl Slogans & Sayings

A group of farm girls with their matching custom t-shirts and horses

There’s nothing like the peace and quiet of waking up in the countryside—until the rooster crows that is. No matter how noisy the neighbors may be, living the farm life comes with an unparalleled sense of accomplishment, after all, you’re in charge of countless lives. Wear your farmer pride loud and proud with custom t-shirts and more featuring these fun farm girl quotes.

27 Farm Girl Slogans & Sayings

Save a horse, ride a tractor

Find me in the fields

I AM the farmer’s daughter

Look like a lady, work like a farm girl

Born to play in the dirt

Growin’ crops and bustin’ chops

Agriculture is my passion

Forget gains, get grains

I think my tractor’s sexy

The more you sow, the greater the harvest

You can’t take the farm out of the girl

Keep your soul clean and your boots dirty

Boots and hats

Grab life by the saddle

Hay, wanna bale?

Farm girls work harder and look better

Life makes more sense in the saddle

Country roads really take me home

Any time spent in a barn is a good time

My office is the great outdoors

My coworkers are cows

You can’t snooze a rooster

Cowgirls can’t be tamed

Spend some time in the country

My other truck is a tractor

The moon is my nightlight

Cattle drive me crazy

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