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26 Tunnel to Tower 5K Team Names

A group of Tunnel to Tower 5k runners wearing matching custom t-shirts

Founded to honor the sacrifice of firefighter Stephen Stiller on September 11, 2001, the Tunnel to Tower Foundation raises funds to honor and support the first responders who put their lives on the line to protect the people of America. Gather your team and take to the streets for your local Tunnel to Tower race and represent the heroes in your community with custom t-shirts and one of these fun Tunnel to Tower 5K team names.

26 Tunnel to Tower 5K Team Names

City Steppers

Through the Fire and Flames

Emergency Run-sponders

Hometown Heroes

Saving Stride

A Run to Remember

City Never Stops

Block by Block

George of the Concrete Jungle

Sweat and Serve

220 Stories

Patriotic Pavement

Give Your All

5k for 3k


Passing Taxis

Flat Top Racer

Running Red Lights

Subway Chasers

Traffic Trekkers


Road Runners

Towering Hulks

Empire State Pacers

Concrete Conquerors

Men In Uniform

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