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24 Alumni Sayings and Slogans

Alumni Cheerleaders posing at a homecoming gameBoth high school and college are important times in our lives, so it only makes sense that one would want to support something that had such an impact during some of their most formative years. School alumni help support new students and serve as an important link between the school and the greater community. Planning on revisiting your old school stomping ground? Showcase your spirit with a custom alumni t-shirt or hoodie!

Alumni Sayings & Slogans

Paying it Forward

Keeping the Spirit Alive

Who knew we’d want to come back to school?

Behind every successful student is a good education and a great support network

Thanks for the Memories

Letting the Good Times Roll Forever

Alumni — Yes, I went here!

Memories Last

Building lifelong learning and lifetime friendships

School spirit for life

Diplomas are valuable, but good memories are priceless

Keeping Traditions Alive

Spreading School Spirit

School Never Ends

Because cheerleading for my school never gets old

Giving back to school

Making sure the legacy lives on

Strengthening the school

School spirit doesn’t just stay in the classroom

Celebrating some of the best days of our lives

School spirit never gets old

We made history here

Alumni – a legacy that lasts

School spirit doesn’t go away after graduation





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