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25 Scrapbooking Club Names

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Filled with photos, commentary, and general personal ephemera, scrapbooks are great ways to recognize and capture important moments in one’s life. Using a variety of techniques like stamps, stickers, and embossing to decorate each page, scrapbooking can easily turn into an art. If you enjoy scrapbooking with friends, give your group one of these memorable names and create some fun custom gear to make your own memories together!

25 Scrapbooking Club Names

Making Memories

Young, Scrappy, and Hungry

Happy Scrappy

The Archivists

Thriving and Archiving


Oh Scrap!

Keep Calm and Scrapbook On

The Scrappers

Mind the Scrap

Scrapbooking Anonymous

The Page Turners

The Memory Makers

Page by Page, Time after Time


Scrapbooking Buddies

Pages and Preserves

Memories and More

Slappy-happy Scrapbookers

Fun and Fancy Acid-free

The Crafty Scrappers

The Crafty Clutter Crowd

Getting our Feels On

The Mavens of Memorabilia

Well-deserved Preserves


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