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24 Multiple Myeloma Sayings & Slogans

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Cancer comes in many forms. Multiple myeloma is a type of cancer that forms in a type of white blood cell known as the plasma cell. Join the fight against multiple myeloma and support fighters, survivors, and thrivers with custom t-shirts featuring these multiple myeloma slogans and sayings.

24 Multiple Myeloma Sayings & Slogans

Break out the burgundy

This is my fighting shirt

Overcoming challenges is in my blood

Bad to the bone

Fighting for a better to-marrow

There will be blood

Cancer’s got nothing on me

Straight outta chemo

Going through chemo and still looking sexy

Multiple myeloma gives me multiple reasons to be awesome

I bleed burgundy

Burgundy to the bone

I conquered multiple myeloma. What else you got?

Hope is where the heart is

Stronger on a cellular level

Give blood, save a life

Me, Myself, and Mye

Courage conquers all

Multiple Myeloma awareness matters

No bones about it

I bleed courage

Strength is in my bones

On the straight and marrow

Be brave. Wear burgundy.

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