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23 Jazz Band Sayings & Slogans

Posted By Alexa Kitchen

Jazz up your jazz band with custom gear! We’ve got tons of t-shirts and polo shirts for you to personalize. Need some inspiration for your apparel? Check out our list of jazz band sayings and slogans below. They’re a great add to any of our products and will have your group swinging to the music all night long.

23 Jazz Band Sayings & Slogans

    Jazz Is Saxy

    Feel It & Sing It

    Jazz It Up A Little

    Just Keep Playing

    About That Jazz

    Treble Makers

    Bring Music To Life

    Classy, Brassy, & Sassy

    You Are What You Listen To

    Music With A Soul

    Hear It. Feel It. Live It.

    It’s Okay, I’m With The Band

    Who Needs Swag When You’ve Got Swing

    When Words Fail, Music Speaks

    It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing

    Let The Music Speak

    We Didn’t Choose Jazz Band, Jazz Band Chose Us

    Good Music Doesn’t Have An Expiration Date

    Music Is The Best Solution To Any Problem

    “Jazz washes away the dust of every day life.” – Art Blakey

    “Music is a journey. Jazz is getting lost.” – John O’Farrell

    “If you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know.” – Louis Armstrong

    “Life is a lot like jazz…it’s best when you improvise.” – George Gershwin

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