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Football Team Names

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Touchdowns and tackles never looked so good! If you’re searching for the perfect name for your football team or rec league, look no further. Our list of football team names has everything from funny to powderpuff. Just imagine how great your team will look sporting customized jerseys all the way to the end zone.

Top Ten Funny Football Team Names

  1. Fumble This
  2. Back that Pass Up
  3. Deep Threat
  4. Little Jerry Seinfelds
  5. Loose Ends
  6. Balls Deep
  7. Ocho Stinko
  8. Vick in a Box
  9. Team Jagermeister
  10. Air Farce

Top Ten Creative Football Team Names

  1. Clubber
  2. Langs
  3. Sir Hits
  4. A lot
  5. Hoosier Daddies
  6. Mogadishu Pirates
  7. Pylon Pythons
  8. No Punt Intended
  9. Team White Meat
  10. Long Snappers
  11. Favre Dollar Footlongs
  12. Burrested Development

Top Ten Girl Powderpuff Team Names

  1. Victorious Secret
  2. Girl Power
  3. End Zone Divas
  4. Pink Cougars
  5. Bare Exposure
  6. Blitz Babes
  7. Black Widows
  8. She-Unit
  9. Junior Mints
  10. Rosie’s Riveters

Top Ten Animal/Mascot Team Names

  1. Huskies
  2. Bengal Tigers
  3. Black Mambas
  4. Wild Cats
  5. Jay Hawks
  6. Sharks
  7. Madd Dogs
  8. Cougars
  9. Rabid Squirrels
  10. Ligers

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