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5 Great Ideas for Welcoming New Employees

Welcome gifts for new employees, like this notebook with a company logo and reads, "Part of an Epic Team," can help increase feelings of belonging.With all of the changes in the workforce in recent years, it’s likely that either you have changed jobs or have welcomed new employees to your team. What hasn’t changed is how critical it is that new hires are onboarded in an engaging and effective way to ensure they stay with the company long-term. According to Gallup, only 12% of U.S. employees say their company does a good job of onboarding. In addition, according to Gallup Analytics, nearly one in five employees either report that their most recent onboarding was poor or that they received no onboarding at all. 

There is a huge opportunity to make a positive impact on new hires during the onboarding process, especially given that employee turnover can be as much as 50% in the first 18 months of employment, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SRHM). As daunting as that may sound, we have some excellent ideas for making your onboarding more engaging and welcoming without having to revamp the whole process.

  1. Send Out an Email Announcement to the Company

    One of the easiest and most visible ways to make new employees feel welcome is to send out a company-wide announcement letting everyone know who they are and what they’ll be doing. Personalize the announcement by including a photo of them and some fun facts so that they stand out even more. Including some personal details also gives coworkers an opening to connect with them. If your company is predominantly remote, or if a new employee is remote, the email announcement is an especially great way to introduce them to the team and gives them an easy intro to meeting new coworkers. 

  2. Add New Employees to Virtual Spaces and Invite Them to Social Events

    Once everyone’s been introduced, create a sense of community by adding new hires to any virtual spaces for teams or chats and scheduling the regular meetings they should attend. This will ensure that the new hire feels included and immediately has a sense of belonging they need to have an impactful onboarding experience. Especially if the new hire is working remotely, adding them to these spaces beforehand will help them feel welcome and like a part of the team. If you’re working in person or at least in the same city, be sure to invite them to any social events your company may host or coworkers’ happy hours.

  3. Partner Them With a Mentor

    Another way to help new hires feel supported in their roles is to partner them with a peer mentor who can be a resource and guide them through their onboarding process. By providing a peer mentor, the new employee has someone who they can feel comfortable going to for questions and training without isolating their onboarding experience to their manager or supervisor. In some cases, a mentor may be a better choice for answering certain questions since they’ll have presumably been in the work more than a supervisor. As a bonus, this is a great way to foster engagement for current employees who are mentors, so they can benefit from an effective onboarding process as well.   

  4. Give Them a Welcome Gift

    A navy blue V-neck t-shirt which reads, "You should see me in my scrubs" would make a great welcome gift for a new hire!An excellent way for companies to show that they are actively invested in, and care about, their people is through a welcome gift, such as custom t-shirts and other custom gear. Firstly, a custom gift is a simple way to make someone feel welcome. Secondly, it’s easy to feel like a team when you look like a team, and it fosters company pride. Custom Ink offers a wide selection of apparel for every time of year and occasion, so it’s easy to find custom gear that your new hire will love and actually use. Custom Ink also has easy-to-use design tools that will make your custom logo design shine. Use the free Design Lab to create a custom design or upload an existing design to promote your brand at the same time.  

  5. Celebrate Milestones

    A metallic green thermos that reads, " My boss thinks I'm kind of a big deal."Once the onboarding process is complete, celebrate their accomplishment by rewarding them with a milestone gift. An employee appreciation gift can be used for milestones as well as rewarding their accomplishments. It also helps with both retention and engagement, and it will show the new employee that they’re a welcome part of the team and company. Using custom gear to recognize and reward employees for actions like joining the company, staying long-term, reaching personal goals, and exhibiting other positive behavior not only shows that a company sees the effort they’re making, but it encourages other employees to do the same. 

Welcoming new employees and improving the onboarding process doesn’t have to be complicated. By doing some simple actions like sending out an email or giving a custom gift, you can improve the engagement of your employees and maybe even promote your business.   


Stephanie Self is the junior copywriter at Custom Ink. She loves to tell stories and expose new perspectives through writing. When she's not typing on a laptop or buried in a book, she loves watching horror movies and pro wrestling, playing video games, and snuggling with her cat, CleoCatra. Lest you should think she never sees the light of day, she also spends time practicing hot yoga, hiking, and traveling.

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