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Trendy Class of 2018 T-shirts for Grad Night

Posted By Lissa Eckert

Get ready to turn those tassels Class of 2018—you’re officially in the home stretch! While we still have to wait out winter for a few more weeks, spring fever and senioritis are already setting in. And what’s a great way to cure a case of senioritis? Class of 2018 shirts, of course! Show the world you’re seniors today—high school graduates tomorrow! Check out a few of our favorite senior class t-shirts below, or visit our entire collection of senior designs!

    Feelin’ the V18E

Vibe together one last time in a design that’s sure to make your big night even better. Have your whole class get together in their t-shirts or hoodies for a commemorative photo op!


Ladies of 2018, here’s the shirt for you! A class of 2018 shirt design this perfect is just what you need to fiesta all grad night long. Add a floral crown for a finishing touch fit for a queen—queen of the seniors, that is!

    Senior Things

What better way to commemorate four years together than a nod to the hit show of your high school years, Stranger Things? This design is perfect for today—and for rocking tomorrow in your dorm room where Eggos are a staple for you, not just Eleven.

    2018 is ∞

Infinite—that’s what the Class of 2018 is! Show your spirit for your class forever and ever in this t-shirt design. Easily swap the colors, school letters, and mascot clipart for a shirt design perfect for your school.


The class of 2018 did it bigger and better than any class before or any class to come! Show your school spirit on grad night with this B1GGER & BETT8R design. A design this big is sure to turn heads!

Class of 2018 t-shirts are the perfect way to celebrate the last four years together. You did it, high school graduates! Now show off to the rest of the world in your custom t-shirts. Want to try out one of these designs on a summer perfect tank top or a drawstring bag you can use for the years to come in college!

Lissa is the Site Content Specialist at Custom Ink. She hopes to create content that engages and inspires customers. Lissa loves to see ideas of hers brought to life by customer's orders!

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