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Slogan T-shirts for Spring

The slogan t-shirt is a fashionable way to show the world what you’re all about without having to say a word. While slogan shirts date back almost 60 years, a comeback is well under way this spring and Dior designer Maria Grazia Chiuri may be the person to thank for the trend resurgence. Chiuri recently sent models out in “We Should All Be Feminist” t-shirts, and just like that, the flame for slogan t-shirts was relit.

From politically charged, to punny and fun, to feel good inspiration, there’s a slogan tee for everyone. Show the world you’re a coffee enthusiast or a mama on a mission with a slogan t-shirt of your own. Check out a few of our favorites for spring below!

    Life Begins After Coffee

Rise and grind! Seriously though, there’s no sweeter sound to a coffee lover than coffee beans grinding or the coffee pot percolating. For those of us that can’t handle any communication until after the first cup of joe, this shirt serves as fair warning to those that try.

    Tired as a Mother

Nobody knows tired like a mama! Buy it for yourself or for a mama in your life that could use a good laugh. When she’s up all night and not sure how she’ll survive on an hour of uninterrupted sleep, this tee is exactly what she’ll throw on.

    Be a Pineapple

Pineapples couldn’t be any trendier right now! Why? Because a pineapple so perfectly represents how we should carry ourselves—so throw those shoulders back, stand proud, and be kind to everyone you meet.

    Cactus Puns Are Succulent

There’s no resisting a pun this good. Embrace your love of cacti with this perfect for spring tee—you’ll sure look sharp!

    Let’s Avocuddle

There’s nothing avocados can’t make better. Cuddle up with this trendy avocado t-shirt. Better yet, buy a set for you and your cuddle buddy!

For more trendy and fun slogan t-shirts for spring, check out all of our templates. Use a little of Custom Ink’s inspiration to design your perfect slogan tee!

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