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5 Ways to Stay Hydrated All Summer Long

by Lissa Eckert

in Product Spotlight

No matter where your summer plans take you, staying hydrated is key to surviving the dog days ahead. Between backyard barbecues, sweatin’ it out on the field, and hustling to and from meetings all week long, your water intake is sure to take a toll. While how much water you should drink each day varies person to person, no one can deny the importance of H2O. We’ve come up with ways to fight five of the top dehydrating summer scenarios!

#1 – The Office

The Monday to Friday hustle can leave even a water enthusiast dehydrated. Between running to the next meeting, scarfing your salad at record speed, and nailing that report, it’s easy to forget to fill up. The solution? An office-wide water challenge! Set up daily intake goals and get to hydrating companywide. We’ve found the best way to gain momentum with a challenge like this is the right equipment. Order the thirst-inspiring Twist Top Tritan™ Sports Water Bottle with your company logo to help your whole team kick off one hydrated summer.

#2 – The Sporting Event

From the sidelines to center field, summer heat catches up quick when you’re outside in the sun. Plan to beat the heat with our Flip Top Tritan™ Sports Bottle. The sporty bottle holds 25oz and boasts a flip top feature with a spout—perfect for sipping your way to hydration in between innings. This athletic-minded bottle is just what your sports team needs to combat the heat!

#3— The Backyard Barbecue

Your cup will runneth over! The backyard barbecue has met its match—for perfectly chilled H2O on demand, opt for adding a water cooler to your house. A water cooler can cost a bit more up front, but it’ll save money and lessen your footprint in the long run. Summer’s prime time for grilling on the back deck, but this year steer clear of the plastic water bottle! Order custom cups like our new translucent stadium cups to pass out at your next soiree. A souvenir guests can sip their way to hydration with while also saving the environment? Count us in!

#4 – The Adventure Junkie

The adventurer doesn’t slow down because of a little heat wave! You’re out there trying to squeeze every last second out of these longer summer days hiking, surfing, climbing, and biking. It’s next to impossible to keep hydrated with the sun beating down on you, but we know that won’t stop you! Instead, consider ordering the Water Bag with Mini-Carabiner for your hiking club or surfing event. What’s better? This bad boy rolls up for easy storage after you’ve rehydrated!

#5 – The Water Hater

Last but not least, there’s the crowd that just can’t get on board with water no matter how good they know it is for them. Water haters scoff at water’s lack of flavor, but with a little creativity, water can be a tasty treat without added calories. Simply mix in fresh fruits and herbs. Slice up strawberry and mint for a flavor-infused treat or go classic with citrusy lemon. Encourage the water hater in your life with the Fruit Infuser Water Bottle—this sports bottle with a built in straw is perfect for flavored infused hydration!
Want more ways to hydrate? Check out all the drinkware CustomInk has to offer. Here’s to one hydrated Summer ’17!

About the Author - Lissa Eckert

Lissa is the SEO Content Coordinator at CustomInk. She aims to create content that engages and inspires our customers. Lissa thinks it would be really cool to one day see an idea of hers brought to life by a customer's order!

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