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15 Creative Trivia Night & Pub Quiz Team Names

Posted By Adam Levine

Trivia Team Name PhotoComing up with a creative team name for bar trivia or pub quiz can be a challenge. So to make it easier on you (especially if you’re in a hurry), we’ve compiled a list of fifteen awesome pub quiz team names. Based on past customer orders and a few we came up with on our own, we think this is a great list for you to use for your team! And if you’re so inclined, take it a step further by making your own trivia team t-shirts or sweatshirts here at CustomInk! They’re sure to make the trivia night regulars quite jealous.

Clever Bar Trivia / Pub Quiz Team Names

    I Quiz Therefore I am

    Winning, 1 Buzz at a Time


    Dude, where’s my pencil?!

    I’ve got 99 problems but a quiz ain’t one.


    Fo Shizzle my Quizzle

    First We Out Think You, Then We Out Drink You

    Quizmaster Flex

    Suck it Trebek

    Trivia Newton John

    Pink Freud

    Quiz Wit! (Fans of Quizzy Cheesesteaks)

    Let’s get Quizzical!

    Google is my brain.

Have a funny team name of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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