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Q&A: Screen-printing vs. Digital Printing

With the holiday season approaching, we want to make sure our customers understand what method of printing they’re ordering for their customized t-shirts, and how to best use each to their advantage on future orders…

For any order we print, we use one of two methods: traditional screen-printing or digital printing. We use these two methods because each has its own strengths, and we can better work with a customer’s design when we have more tools in our toolbox.


Screen-printing is the traditional method for printing on fabric. To create the print, we turn your design into a series of stencils, one for each color in your artwork. We then use these stencils, one at a time, to layer ink on the shirts. These layers of ink stay vibrant, even on darker fabrics. If you have four of fewer colors with no shading or gradients, screen-printing is a great way to go. Because screen-printing is a handcrafted process that requires significant set-up, we require a 6 piece minimum for these orders.

Digital Printing:

Digital printing is best used for designs that have a lot of color or detail. To create a digital print, we process your artwork on the computer, then apply the ink colors directly to the surface of the shirt. Because this method does not require screens, we are able to achieve more detail and a finer layer of ink than traditional screen-printing requires. That is why it is our preferred technique for capturing all the detail in your black-and-white photographs or full-color artwork.

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