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T-Shirt Sleeve Printing

Some things just look better when viewed from the front, like televisions. Others are best observed from behind, like a great pair of jeans. But what’s a great way to shine while being seen from the side?

A sleeve print! Gather round blog readers, as I tell the tale of designs too rebellious for a front or back location.

Though it is not yet integrated into the site (just yet!), we are able to screen-print on sleeves for orders of six or more. We can place graphics, logos, text, and even names and numbers on the sleeve–whether on a classic tee or long sleeve shirt.

To order a sleeve print, create and save your design in the Lab, and place the artwork you want on your sleeve print somewhere on the front or back of the shirt.  Give us a call (or chat in) and we can give you the correct price for your shirt, as well as place the order for you when you are ready.

After you place your order, we’ll send you a picture proof email so you can see exactly how the sleeve print will look on your shirt. We won’t print until you approve.

Try thinking outside the box, and on its side instead!

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