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19th Birthday Party Ideas


Your last year as a teenager deserves a big birthday bash! Take a look at some of the best 19th birthday party ideas below. Don’t forget to customize t-shirts, face masks, and more for your celebration.

Let’s Fiesta
Break out the sombreros and turn up the mariachi music to ring in your 19th birthday south of the border style! Plus, who doesn’t love some good Tex-Mex food? It’s delicious and great for a crowd. Try a make your own burrito bar or a nachos station. Just because you’re turning nineteen doesn’t mean you’re too old for a piñata. Decorate the space with bright colors, an inflatable cactus, and a photo booth with plenty of mustache and sombrero props. Taco ’bout a party!

Birthday BBQ
Who doesn’t love a good backyard barbecue bash? If you want to make your 19th birthday a casual outdoor affair, then this theme is for you. You can fill an inflatable kiddy pool with ice as a fun and unique way to keep the drinks cold. Also, set up a make-your-own burger bar with all the fixin’s! As for entertainment, just break out the bocce ball and bag toss set. Spruce up the backyard with a personalized banner that celebrates the birthday guest of honor. If you plan on the BBQ lasting into the evening hours, pull out some holiday lights to add some pizzazz to an otherwise dull fence or tree. Now get to grilling!

Life-Size Game Night
Get a little competitive as your ring in 19 with some larger than life games! You and your friends will have a blast playing your favorite classic board games with a twist. Spray paint a Twister board in the grass in your backyard. Get some poster board and markers to make a Scrabble game that takes over the lawn. Are you handy? You can even make your own giant Jenga set! Just buy enough 2 x 4’s so that you are able to cut them into 48 ten inch pieces, sand them down so they are easy to slide, and you’re ready to go. Serve up some ‘domino’ brownies instead of a birthday cake. Don’t forget to make a wish!

Bonfire Bash
A bonfire is the perfect theme for a fall birthday party, but you can make it work anytime of year. It’s a fun, simple, and inexpensive way to celebrate. Everyone will enjoy roasting their own hotdogs and marshmallows– just set stuff up all the fixings and let them have at it! If it is chilly outside, a hot chocolate bar set up with marshmallows, peppermints, sprinkles, and plenty of whipped cream is also a fun way to get a treat. If you don’t have enough chairs, look into renting bales of hay for seating around the bonfire. Decorate by stringing white lights through the trees or over the fence or deck. As long as you have plenty of food, places to sit, and some bug spray on hand, you’re set for a blazing 19th birthday party!

Birthday Brunch
Start your 19th birthday off right with a special birthday brunch. Book a table at your favorite brunch spot, or host it yourself at home with mini quiches, fruit, and yogurt parfaits. Set up a juice bar with all of your favorite flavors and use frozen fruit as ice cubes. Your guests will love sipping on fun fruity drinks. And since it’s an early affair, stack donuts to mimic a birthday cake. As for activities, invite guests to personalize their own coffee mug. Just buy some white ceramic mugs, provide plenty of sharpies, and have at it! Once the mugs are done and dry, pop them in the oven for thirty minutes to seal in the designs. Such a fun activity and the perfect brunch-themed party favor!

Golf Par-tee
Go to a driving range, a mini golf course, or set up a putt-putt course in your own back yard. It can be fun to make your own wacky course with old toys, cups, cones, and boxes. Decorate the space in plenty of blues and greens. Serve up some golf “club” sandwiches and a side of “chips” for an easy meal. Make sure to have a big pitcher of Arnold Palmer on hand (half ice-tea, half lemonade)! Don’t forget to have guests leave birthday messages on golf balls for a special keepsake for the birthday honoree. Happy Birdie to you!

Spa Day
Spend your 19th birthday getting pampered. If a day at the spa is in your price range, leave it to the professionals. Your favorite treatments will make your day relaxing and special. If you’re on a budget, you can still have a delightful spa day with your friends at home. Make your own face masks, splurge on your favorite body scrub, and indulge in some new nail polishes for a fresh do-it-yourself mani and pedi. Fill up a pitcher with some refreshing cucumber water, and provide some light snacks such as fresh fruit along with cheese and crackers. Add a vase or two of fresh flowers to the space and light a couple of candles– your bound to feel like your in a day spa. What an ahhh-mazing way to spend your birthday!

Binge-Watching Birthday
Bring Netflix and Chill to the next level by inviting a few of your closest friends to join you for a grown-up sleep over. What a fun and relaxing way to ring in your 19th birthday! Plus, it’s a great excuse to spend an evening in your pajamas. Serve up some pizza and your favorite sodas. You can even make birthday cake popcorn by drizzling melted white chocolate over popcorn and covering it in sprinkles. Turn on season 1 of your favorite TV show and spend the night snacking and celebrating your 19th year!

Let’s Glow Crazy
Turn your 19th birthday into a rave with glow sticks and black lights galore. It’s easy and fairly inexpensive to rent a black light or two for the evening. Remember to tell all of at the guests that dress code is “if it isn’t NEON then it shouldn’t BE ON!” Bury glow sticks in a clear ice bucket to make the drinks stand out. Here’s a special tip: provide a festive drink made up with a light-colored fruit juice or lemonade, fresh fruit slices, and tonic-water, as the clear tonic-water will glow bright blue under the black light! Turn up your favorite jams, and dance the night away with a glow stick in hand.

Karaoke Night
Hit the right note by ringing in your 19th by singing the night away. It’s inexpensive to rent a karaoke machine from your local party store (or see if a friend has one you can borrow!). Turn your living room into a stage with a cool rug in front of curtains with some hanging lights. Invite guests to bring their own props and accessories so they can really get in the grove before they sing. And if you are really feeling the beat, have a contest to see who can come with the best song or rap about the birthday rock star or diva!

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