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175 Bachelorette Sayings for the Wife of the Party

Two custom t-shirts, a tumbler, a notebook, a tote bag, and a baseball hat with bachelorette sayings on them.

Bachelorette parties can be some of the most memorable times of people’s lives, so help make the memories last with these bachelorette sayings! Whether you’re the bride-to-be or the chief party planner, finding the perfect saying for your bachelorette bash can take some creativity. But fear not; we’ve got you covered with a collection of sassy, hilarious, and Instagrammable sayings that’ll take your party, bash, trip, or beach party to the next level. From funny bachelorette sayings to clever captions that’ll make your followers double-tap with envy, we’ve rounded up the ultimate list to help you create memories that last a lifetime. 

Funny Bachelorette Sayings

  1. Last wild ride before she’s a bride.
  2. Dropping the anchor but still on board.
  3. Game over for her.
  4. Last fling before the ring.
  5. A final toast for the single host.
  6. One last party with the girl before the end of her single world.
  7. Kisses for the future Mrs.
  8. The last sail before the veil.
  9. Brews before the I dos.
  10. Last ride for the bride.
  11. Raising hell before the bells.
  12. Bachelorette party in progress. Proceed with caution!
  13. The bride made us do it.
  14. He popped the question; we’re poppin’ bottles!
  15. Goodbye single life, hello wife!
  16. Before you say I do, let’s have a drink or two.
  17. Last night before Mr. Right!
  18. Last night before Ms. Right! 
  19. One last swing before the ring.
  20. Bride-to-be, last chance to flee!
  21. Wedding bells are near. Let’s pour some beer!
  22. Champagne showers for the bachelorette’s final hours.
  23. She’s tying the knot. Let’s do a tequila shot!
  24. Single tonight, bride tomorrow, goodbye sorrow!
  25. Live it up, drink it down, and party hard when the bride’s around.
  26. The bachelorette bash gotta create a splash!
  27. One last twirl for the soon-to-be-married girl.
  28. Bachelorette retired. Bride to be hired.
  29. Bachelorette’s last rodeo before she swaps singlehood for a beau.
  30. Last tumble before the aisle rumble.
  31. Shots and giggles before she’s committed.
  32. She’s got the ring. We’ve got the bling.
  33. He’s her Mr. Right. Let’s make this her night!
  34. She’s her Ms. Right. Let’s make this her night! 
  35. Sweet dreams are made of bachelorette parties.

A group of friends wearing matching custom tank tops that say "I Do Crew."

Bachelorette Sayings for Shirts

  1. Nama-stay Out All Night.
  2. The “I Do” Crew
  3. Bride vibes on the high tides!
  4. The Mrs. in progress.
  5. From Dream Date Barbie to Wedding Day Barbie
  6. Buy Her a Shot. She’s Tying the Knot.
  7. Bride’s Drinking Squad
  8. Drinks well with others
  9. Soon to be Mrs.
  10. Bachelorette’s brew before saying, “I do.”
  11. Partying with my heifers one last time.
  12. Engaged AF
  13. Bachelorette Support Crew
  14. Wedding Crashers
  15. Bride’s Entourage
  16. Whiskey bent and veil bound.
  17. No ring. Just party bling.
  18. Going From a Miss to a Mrs.
  19. Pop the Bubbly. I’m Getting a Hubby.
  20. Bottoms Up for the Bride
  21. Prosecco Made Me Do It
  22. The Party Before the Party
  23. Team Bride
  24. Bride’s Last Ride
  25. Engagement Crew
  26. Hot Mess Bridesmaids
  27. Drunk on Love
  28. Buy us a beer—the wedding is near
  29. She’s got that bridal glow
  30. The Last Fling Girls’ Gathering
  31. Final Fling Before the Ring
  32. Feyoncé
  33. Future Trophy Wife
  34. Off the Market
  35. Bridezilla in Training

A group of friends wears matching custom t-shirts that say "Ghouls Night Out, Witches!" at a Halloween-themed bachelorette party.

Bachelorette Instagram Captions

  1. Bride Tribe reunited!
  2. I couldn’t say “I do” without you.
  3. Bride tribe on a vibe.
  4. Final days of freedom.
  5. If you like it, then you should’ve put a ring on it.
  6. She has love. We have wine.
  7. Pop the bubbly. She’s getting a hubby!
  8. Time to get spicy. She’s getting a wifey! 
  9. Love her but leave her wild. She’s getting married, child!
  10. We sipped champagne when we were thirsty.
  11. Sweating for the wedding but first, rosé.
  12. Something borrowed, something brewed.
  13. Something old, something new, something from us, hanging with the crew.
  14. My last ride before I’m the bride.
  15. He stole her heart, so she’s stealing his last name.
  16. Tonight’s forecast? A 99% chance of wine.
  17. About to make this man an honest one.
  18. Champagne with my campaign.
  19. She said, “Yes,” we said, “VEGAS!”
  20. Raising hell before the wedding bell.
  21. Too glam to give a damn.
  22. Dessert first, then I do.
  23. Living in a Bridal Bubble!
  24. She’s bright like glitter and bubbly like champagne.
  25. She said yaaas!
  26. The end of an era but the start of something good.
  27. Ladies celebrating ladies.
  28. She’s not a regular bride. She’s a cool bride.
  29. Final flamingle with my favorite single.
  30. Last fling before the ring.
  31. Bride to be, but first, let’s party!
  32. Pop the champagne. She’s changing her name.
  33. Nights like these are always the best ones.
  34. Last night on the town as a single lady.
  35. Veil, check. Dresses, check. Squad, double-check!

A group at a bachelorette party wearing personalized custom t-shirts line up along the side of a pool.

Bachelorette Party Names

  1. Last Margarita as a Señorita 
  2. Bride to Be Barbie Bash
  3. Malibu Beach Barbie Bachelorette Party
  4. Barbie’s Dreamland Bachelorette
  5. The Fiancee Fling
  6. The Hen Hut
  7. Risqué Rosé
  8. Prosecco Princesses
  9. The Bridesmaid Brigade
  10. Bridal Babes
  11. The Garter Gang
  12. The Wedding Warm-up
  13. Team Bride
  14. Bachelorette Battalion
  15. Engagement Entourage
  16. Bachelorette Beach Blast
  17. The Matrimony Maidens
  18. Always a Bridesmaid
  19. Happily Ever After-Hours
  20. The Veil Vixens
  21. The I-Do Crew
  22. Wine, Women, and Weddings
  23. The Bridal Barbies
  24. The Bride Squad
  25. Aisle Escapades
  26. Hitched Hikers
  27. Bridal Blitz
  28. The Marital Marvels
  29. Last Fling Flamingos
  30. The Bridal Butterfly Crew
  31. The Final Fling Gang
  32. Last Rave Before the Ring
  33. The Final Strut
  34. The Last Sail Before the Veil
  35. Bride-to-be Bash 

A group at a bachelorette party wearing matching custom t-shirts poses on the beach. The bride is wearing a white shirt, and the others are wearing purple.

Bachelorette Puns

  1. We wine a lot. 
  2. Future Mrs., celebrating with her misses.
  3. Eat, drink, and be married.
  4. Once upon a wine.
  5. Sip Happens.
  6. Pour decisions are about to happen.
  7. Feyoncé for the Beyoncé.
  8. Hanging with my Beaches
  9. Bach, please. 
  10. Sip Sip Hooray
  11. Drunk in Love
  12. We’re all about that bride
  13. Partners in wine
  14. Aisle Be There Crew
  15. Brides and Boujee
  16. Happily Ever Laughter
  17. One Last Syrah
  18. Bride’s shirt: Yes! / Bridesmaids’: That’s what she said!
  19. Bride or die
  20. Wine girl wasted
  21. Miss-behavin’ to Mrs. 
  22. Front of shirt: They see us rollin’. We’re celebratin’ / Back: We bride-in’ dirty
  23. Bibbidi bobbidi bachelorette
  24. Red, bride, and blue
  25. Nacho average bride
  26. When I sip, you sip, we sip
  27. Hen’s ahoy!
  28. Mermosa bar
  29. Wed, white, and boozed
  30. These boots were made for walkin’ down the aisle
  31. Margs and matrimony
  32. Wife of the Party
  33. Party in Pink
  34. Tropic like it’s hot—she’s tying the knot!
  35. Dazed and Engaged

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    • valeria

      Hello!!!! I am having my bachelorette in TEXAS yehaw!!!
      I am trying to come up with a title for my bachelorette related to being in Texas. Any ideas??!!!!!
      please 🙂

      Valeria Contreras soon to be Mrs. Franklin

    • Jo

      Hi, we are having a bachelorette party in Atlantic City over Memorial Day weekend for my friend and we have been trying to come up with a really fun tank top idea or slogan. I saw one that was something like “We can’t stop, won’t stop” which is kind of what we are going for 🙂 Thanks for any help!

    • Jaime

      Going to brad paisley concert for bachelorette party.. Any ideas on a slogan for shirts?? Thank you

    • Adam Levine


      Thanks for visiting CustomInk. We’ve pretty much been unable to take individual requests for slogans for some time now, due to low bandwidth. But perhaps you could stick a lyric from a Brad Paisley song you like on the front and then say [Bride’s Name]’s Last Rodeo] or [Bride’s Name]’s Bachelorette Party with the date/location of the concert, etc… Maybe even list tour dates of shows you and your fiancee attended and have the wedding date as the final concert and the Paisley one as the 2nd to last…. I’ll email you the ideas too.

    • Tanya Young

      Hi Adam,

      I see you had a lot of request for Bachelorette Party slogans for New Orleans, well guess what? I too am having my bachelorette party in New Orleans. We are driving from Atlanta to New Orleans. I am over 40 but still young in heart. I’m looking for a sophisticated, classy but turn your head type slogan. I look forward to hearing your ideas and ordering shirts as a surprise to my friends.

      Thank you,


    • Adam Levine


      Thanks for visiting CustomInk. Since I’m no longer able to provide individual slogans by request, I’d first point you to our bachelorette party design ideas page:

      If none of those really stand out, nor do the ones on this page. I’d suggest you check out Pinterest. There’s a lot of great ideas on there by women who hold bachelorette parties and is a great resource for inspiration.

      Best of luck!

    • Karen

      Hello! I am interested in ordering coozies for my friends bachelorette. We are wearing baseball type jerseys and going to Toby Keiths Bar and Grill (a country themed bar). I am looking for sayings or slogans that have to do with either baseball, country/western, Rhode Islan (where the brides are from) or even massachusetts (since thays where we will be). Thank you so much!!


    • Adam Levine

      Hi Karen,

      Thanks for visiting CustomInk. Sounds like a fun bachelorette! I’ve forwarded your request to our sales/service team, and you should hear from someone in the next day or so with some design ideas and slogans. Best of luck!

    • Marcy

      Hey Adam! We are having a bachelorette party for my best friend in August. We are hosting the party in NOLA (New Orleans). Do you happen to have any themes or quotes that deal with New Orleans? Thank a lot!!

    • Adam Levine

      Hi Marcy,

      Thanks for reaching out. We actually have had several bachelorette requests for New Orleans themed quotes/slogans. Let me find the emails I previously sent and I’ll send you something by tomorrow. 🙂 All the best.

    • Dalal

      Hi Adam,

      My sister is getting married soon and we’re going to make her a white-themed bachelorette breakfast, it’s gonna be just us which will make it sweet and quiet, but my mom and I are struggling to write something creative, meaningful, and witty/funny on the card. Can you please help us?


    • Crystie

      Hi there! I am wondering if you could provide me with some ideas for bachelorette party slogans for t-shirts. The bachelorette will be 14 fun women aged 21 – 55, the party will be an overnight stay at Put-In-Bay which is in Ohio, and the party theme will be something geared towards sparkle or glitter party because everyone will be wearing sequins, glitter and all things shiny for the evening at the bars. Any thoughts are welcomed.

    • Madison

      Hi! Can you send ideas for a running themed bachelorette? Thanks! 🙂

    • Melissa DeLaet

      I am throwing a bachlorette party at a state fair in August. We are looking for a fun slogan to use on shirts and as a # could you help? Brides name is Coco if that helps!

    • Alexis Biondi


      I am also hosting a bachelorette party for my best friend in New Orleans over Halloween weekend this year. If you could please email me any NOLA or Halloween Slogan ideas I would really appreciate it. The theme for the decorations & invitations is the brightly colored, pretty, happy (not creepy) sugar skulls aka day of the dead.
      Thank you in advance for your time and help!!!!!!!

    • Jin

      Looking for ideas for a bachelorette in Vegas in July … all from Canada !

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