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11 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day

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Every year on March 8th, people around the globe gather to commemorate the Women’s Rights Movement and the fight for equality. In honor of women worldwide, we’ve come up with a few fun and simple ways to honor International Women’s Day this year. Check out some of our favorite ways to celebrate women’s achievements and get inspired to work together on what we can do next.

11 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day 

Participate in an Official IWD Event 

Depending on where you live, there are most likely a few official International Women’s Day events taking place. Find a local march, walk, or inspirational talk to join. Visit the organization’s website for more information. 

Make a Donation 

Find a worthy cause that speaks to you and donate in honor of their work. Check out organizations that support and advocate for women, such as Camfed (Campaign for Female Education), She Should Run, Nomi Network, Catalyst, and Dress for Success


 Offer your time and skills to local women’s shelters or organizations. Volunteering is a hands-on way to make a direct impact in your community. You can find local opportunities on sites like VolunteerMatch

Organize a Community Fundraiser 

Rally your community to raise funds for a cause supporting women. Fundraisers can be a powerful way to unite people for a common goal and make a substantial contribution. Custom Ink offers a free fundraising platform that allows you to design and sell custom apparel as well as accept donations without inventory, hassle, or risk. 

Host a Guest Speaker 

Invite a woman leader or influencer to speak about her experiences. These events can inspire and motivate others while highlighting women’s challenges and successes, and they are especially great events to host at work.

Arrange a Workshop or Skill-Share Event 

Organize workshops focusing on skills development, from professional growth to personal well-being. These events can empower women in your community to support each other, advance their careers, and achieve personal goals. 

Host or Attend a Networking Event

Create a space for women to connect, share experiences, and support each other’s professional and personal growth. Networking is a powerful way to open doors to new opportunities and collaborations. Many opportunities already exist, and some are even virtual.  

Start a Social Media Campaign 

Use your online platforms to celebrate the achievements of women, raise awareness about women’s issues, or challenge gender stereotypes. Social media can be a powerful tool for change and understanding. Sharing on social media can also be a great way to bolster women entrepreneurs, artists, and community leaders. 

Celebrate Women in Arts and Culture 

Organize or attend events showcasing women’s work in arts and culture, such as film screenings, art exhibits, and music performances. Women filmmakers, for example, have been historically underrepresented, with only eight women nominated for Best Director at the Oscars in 95 years.  These events help to give women more recognition for their work and contributions in these fields.

Support Women-Owned Businesses

Make a conscious effort to purchase from women-owned businesses. By supporting women entrepreneurs, you actively contribute to a more gender-balanced economy. You can also support organizations that provide funding and resources for women business owners. 

Educate Yourself and Others 

Take the time to learn more about women’s rights, history, and current issues. Share this knowledge with others to spread awareness and understanding. Here’s a list of historical films and a book list to get started.

International Women’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to lift up, support, and celebrate women. It’s also a time to raise awareness and put a spotlight on the issues they continue to face. By actively participating and finding even small ways to be involved, we all contribute to a more inclusive and equitable world. 

Stephanie Self loves to tell stories and expose new perspectives through writing. When she's not typing on a laptop or buried in a book, she loves watching horror movies and pro wrestling, playing video games, and snuggling with her cat, CleoCatra. Lest you should think she never sees the light of day, she also spends time practicing hot yoga, hiking, and traveling.

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