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Unite your futsal team with the perfect saying or slogan. Having trouble coming up with one on your own? Borrow one from our list! If you find one you like, head to our design lab to customize the perfect team t-shirts or jerseys. Your team will be dribbling, passing, and scoring in style!

Futsal Sayings & Slogans

Our Goal is Stopping Yours

Get Your Kicks

Talk With Your Feet, Play With Your Heart


13FOTW Caslon Antique

With assistance form Eduard Hoffmann, Swiss typeface designer Max Miedinger created Helvetica in 1957. Its tight and narrow spacing is one of its most recognizable qualities, but limits its legibility onscreen and at small print sizes. Nevertheless, Helvetica is widely used in many company logos. For example, American Apparel, BMW, Nestlé, Skype, and Target all use versions of the font. Even the U.S. government uses widely uses the typeface—federal income tax forms are set in Helvetica.

Our Font of the Week images are created by Emily Clark, an Expert Production Artist at CustomInk and a self-declared font addict. Font of the Week fuels Emily’s passion to research and learn more about beloved typefaces like Helvetica. What font should Emily feature next? Sound off in the comments below!


Annual Family Vacation Shirts” and “Wear Red for Public Education” are the winners of this week’s Ink of the Week contest!

These annual family vacation t-shirts have become such a hot commodity that requests are flowing in from those unable to make the trip, and from those who aren’t even a member of the family! The Romouw family rents several cabins each year and gather as many family members as possible for weeklong fun – complete with custom tees! Everyone loves how easy it is to choose their own size and color, plus the compliments they receive throughout the year!

Teachers from the Middletown School District in Middletown, New York, showed support for public education by wearing custom shirts containing original artwork created by one of the kindergarten students. When organizing the order, the goal was to see 200 shirts. The design was such a hit that the group was able to sell over 430! Show your support for this group with the hashtag #IAMAPUBLICSCHOOLTEACHER!

Visit the contest and Like your favorites.



Get down and dirty with a mud volleyball saying or slogan. We did some digging, and put together a list of some of the best mud volleyball sayings we could find. They’ll look great on your personalized tees, tanks, or jerseys!

Funny and Creative Mud Volleyball Sayings

Mind Over Mudder

Rub Some Dirt On It

Can You Dig It?



Looking for a creative badminton saying for your club, team, or group? We’ve compiled a list of some funny & clever ones just for you. Check them out below and don’t forget to add them to your custom badminton t-shirts or jerseys.

Smashing Badminton Sayings & Slogans

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Badminton to the Bone

Take the Badminton with the Good


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