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87 Breast Cancer Slogans & Sayings

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re sharing some funny, heartwarming, and memorable breast cancer awareness sayings and breast cancer walk slogans. The list below is full of motivating mantras for your group, many of which have been provided by our customers.

We hope you use them or they inspire you to come up with a catchy phrase to put on your breast cancer awareness shirts or breast cancer sweatshirts for your next fundraising event. Be sure to check our list of awesome breast cancer team names, as well!

87 Catchy Breast Cancer Slogans

  1. Busting Our Buns for Boobs
  2. Breast Cancer: Been There, Beat That
  3. Stomp Out Breast Cancer
  4. Ladies, Check Yourself!
  5. CANcer CAN’T but We CAN
  6. Fight For The Girls
  7. Say “No Sir” to Cancer
  8. Wear Pink Like a Boss
  9. These Boobs Were Made for Walkin’
  10. Believe There Is Hope For A Cure
  11. Who Says Girls Can’t Fight?
  12. A Feel a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
  13. Protect Your Rack
  14. Boobs: They Need Your Support!
  15. Cancer’s Tough, But So Are You
  16. I Pink I Can
  17. On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink
  18. Don’t Be a Boob. Save One Instead!
  19. We Treasure Our Chests
  20. Walkin’ for the Girls
  21. Cancer Touched My Boobs, So I Kicked It’s Butt
  22. No One Fights Alone
  23. Think Pink
  24. Cancer, You Picked the Wrong Girl
  25. Breast Cancer is Crusin’ for a Bruisin
  26. Check Your Breasts, Mine Tried to Kill Me
  27. Boobs, Sweat, & Tears
  28. Save the Hooters
  29. Big or Small, Let’s Save Them All
  30. Nobooby Left Behind
  31. Breast Cancer Sucks
  32. I Can-cervive
  33. Real Men Wear Pink
  34. Tell Breast Cancer to Step Aside
  35. Feel for Lumps. Save your Bumps.
  36. Stop the War in My Rack
  37. Early Detection Saves Lives
  38. Fight Like a Warrior, Beat Breast Cancer
  39. Together We Can Conquer Cancer
  40. Paint the Town Pink, Spread the Hope
  41. Unite for the Cure
  42. Stand Strong, Fight On
  43. One Ribbon, One Hope, One Cure
  44. Pink Power, Hopeful Hearts
  45. Breast Cancer Warriors Unite
  46. Raising Funds, Saving Lives
  47. Pink Strong, Fight Long
  48. Hope Blooms, Lives Heal
  49. Breast Cancer Fighters in it Together
  50. Racing for a World Without Breast Cancer
  51. Pink Ribbons, Never Forgotten
  52. Strength in Pink, Courage in Unity
  53. Walking Hand in Hand, Step by Step
  54. Band Together for the Cure
  55. Pink Hearts and Courageous Souls
  56. Join the Fight, Find the Cure
  57. When Survivors Unite, Hope Ignites
  58. Hope Blooms When Courage Grows
  59. Pink Champions With Courageous Hearts
  60. Stepping Forward, Finding a Cure
  61. Together We Thrive, Together We Survive
  62. Ribbon of Hope, Ribbon of Strength
  63. Run for Remission, Walk for Wellness
  64. Stand Up to Cancer, Stand Up for Life
  65. Join Hands for the Cure
  66. Lacing Up for a Cure
  67. Together We Rise, Together We Fight
  68. When Survivors Unite, Hope Takes Flight
  69. Join the Fight, Spread the Light
  70. Together We Can Overcome
  71. Race for a Cause, Race for a Cure
  72. Walking Strong, Walking for Hope
  73. Cancer Can’t Take Our Spirit
  74. Pink Strength, Endless Hope
  75. Join the Race, Embrace the Hope
  76. Pink Together, Stronger Than Ever
  77. Step for Strength, Walk for Hope
  78. Cancer Can’t Break Our Spirit
  79. Together We Triumph, Together We Shine
  80. Running for Remission, Healing With Hope
  81. Think Hope for a Brighter Tomorrow
  82. Walking Miles to Save Smiles
  83. Fight Breast Cancer Every Day
  84. Fighting Together, Thriving Forever 
  85. Don’t Walk—Run for a Cure! 
  86. Think Pink: Find a Cure
  87. Let’s Get Cancer Off Our Chests!

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      Am doing a study on breast cancer awareness which i believe will of great value our society.Am glad for the good work you are doing.’LETS KEEP THE AWARENESS TO SAVE OUR MUMS AND SISTERS FROM THIS KILLER’.

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