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41 Breast Cancer Slogans & Sayings

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re sharing some funny, heartwarming, and memorable breast cancer awareness sayings and breast cancer walk slogans. The list below is full of motivating mantras for your group, many of which have been provided by our customers.

We hope you use them or they inspire you to come up with a catchy phrase to put on your breast cancer awareness shirts or breast cancer sweatshirts for your next fundraising event. Be sure to check our list of awesome breast cancer team names, as well! If you find something you love, you can also customize face masks for your group.

41 Fun & Inspiring Breast Cancer Sayings & Slogans

    Busting Our Buns for Boobs

    Breast Cancer: Been There, Beat That

    Stomp Out Breast Cancer

    Ladies, Check Yourself!

    CANcer CAN’t but We CAN

    Fight For The Girls

    Got a Sense of Tumor

    Say No Sir to Cancer

    Wear Pink Like a Boss

    These Boobs Were Made for Walkin’

    Believe There Is Hope For A Cure

    Who Says Girls Can’t Fight?

    A Feel a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

    Protect Your Rack

    Boobs: They Need Your Support!

    Cancer’s Tough, But So Are You

    I Pink I Can

    On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink

    Don’t Be a Boob. Save One Instead!

    We Treasure Our Chests

    Walkin’ for the Girls

    Got Boobs? Get Checked.

    Cancer Touched My Boobs, So I Kicked It’s Butt

    No One Fights Alone

    Think Pink

    Cancer, You Picked the Wrong Girl

    Breast Cancer is Crusin’ for a Bruisin

    Check Your Boobies, Mine Tried to Kill Me

    Boobs, Sweat, & Tears

    Save the Hooters

    Big or Small, Let’s Save Them All

    Nobooby Left Behind

    Breast Cancer Sucks

    I Can-cer Vive

    Real Men Wear Pink

    Tell Breast Cancer to Step Aside

    Feel for Lumps. Save your Bumps.

    Stop the War in My Rack

    Save Second Base

    Early Detection Saves Lives

    I’m Here for the Boobies

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    Am doing a study on breast cancer awareness which i believe will of great value our society.Am glad for the good work you are doing.’LETS KEEP THE AWARENESS TO SAVE OUR MUMS AND SISTERS FROM THIS KILLER’.

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