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Turkey Trot Team Photo
With Thanksgiving just over a month away, we wanted to give you a head start on your turkey trot race prep. I know I can’t enjoy a big Thanksgiving dinner unless I have a good run in on turkey day, so for all of you fellow fit-foodies, here’s some fun team names for your group. We’ve compiled them from some customer orders and have come up with a few on our own. They’re great to add to thanksgiving day t-shirts, especially on warm long sleeves and crewneck sweatshirts for fellow participants.

Creative & Funny Turkey Trot Team Names

Gravy Train

Sweet Potatoes

Gobblin’ Along

The Butterball Express



Swim Team Name Photo
Need an idea for a creative or funny swim club team name? We’ve compiled some of our favorites from customer t-shirt orders and have come up with a few clever ones on our own. Check them out below, and have a swimmingly good time designing your very own swimming sweatshirts, or custom jackets in our design lab.

Creative Swim Team Names for Your Club or Rec Swim Team

Mighty Mantas

Stingray City

Life Aquatic



Race Team Photo Save 2nd Base
Got an upcoming 5k race, charity run, or mud run you are participating in and can’t come up with a clever team name? Well don’t fret racing aficionados, here at CustomInk we’re chock full of team name ideas and have found some excellent names from the many races our customers have participated in the past.

So take a gander at the list below and pick a name that suits your group! We’ve supplied about 3 popular ones from each race on this post, or you can click each category link to see the full lists of names. Once you’ve found one you like, begin custom designing running shirts or performance tees, and get moving!



Warrior Dash Team Photo 
Looking for a creative and intimidating team name for your upcoming Warrior Dash? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled some of our favorite Warrior Dash team names from past customer orders and come up with a few kick butt names of our own. Check them out and design your own t-shirt today!

Creative & Funny Warrior Dash Team Names

Warrior Stache

Kiss My AweSSome

Pain Killers



Spartan Race Photo
Rated one of the best outdoor obstacle races in 2012, the Reebok Spartan Race is one sick event. So in its honor, we’ve compiled some of our favorite Spartan Race team names and several creative ones we’ve come up with on our own to share with you. When added to your race jerseys or tees, they should definitely help your team stand out in the crowd of crazies.

Spartan Run Team Names

Team Spartacular

Xiphos Through the Heart

No Retreat. No Surrender



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