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26 Scuba Team Names

Getting ready to dive deep? Customize scuba t-shirts, hats, and more for your upcoming scuba trip. Whether you’re planning a dive with friends or need some swag for your diving company, personalized gear is sure to make you stand out. Need some inspiration for your group? Check out our scuba team names below. If you see something that takes your breath away, customize t-shirts for your whole group.

26 Scuba Team Names

    We Go Deep

    Dive, Dive, Baby

    Shark Squad

    Water Warriors

    Under Water


    Under Pressure

    Shore Thing

    Bottom Feeders

    Masked Mermaids

    Deep Dives

    So Salty

    Open Water

    Got Air?

    Feet First



    Don’t Hold Your Breath

    Great Ascent

    Buddy System

    Buoyant Boys


    Shark Bait


    Reef Rovers

    Crashing Waves

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