Ink of the Week Winner
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Science & Technology Expo

“Laytonsville Elementary School” wins this week’s Ink of the Week contest!

“Let us pause for a moment of SCIENCE! School Science Expo has record number of participants! Laytonsville Elementary School held their annual Science and Technology Expo. Participation was up over 130% from last year with 150 participants. Every participant received a t-shirt for entering a project! That’s some incentive! The principal also promised to color her hair green (school colors) if over 100 students participated. So happy to see so many elementary students excited about science!”

Visit the contest and vote for your favorite.

About the Author - Allyson Ayers

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  1. Kathy Erb
    21 mos ago

    What great T-Shirts and what an exciting cause! The kids really showed their enthusiasm with such interesting projects and it was inspiring to see so many enter the fair this year. Love the green hair too!

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